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AJIHL Showcase Series

Ryan Duchemin.

From Oct 11-15 the Australian Junior Ice Hockey League (AJIHL) showcase series has been at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium.


Newcastle Northstars rookies Ryan Duchemin and Matthew Montgomery played for the Sydney Sabres.

There were 4 teams in this years showcase: Adelaide Generals Melbourne Glaciers SunDevils (QLD & WA players) Sydney Sabres The Sydney Sabres made it all the way through to the gold medal match on Sunday morning, and earned Silver after the Adelaide Generals defeated them.

You can view all the game results and scores here:

Courtney Kynaston Quote:

I was lucky enough to commentate all 10 games of the series and had a great time. Across all 4 teams were players who have played up into the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) and many players who have a great future and I fully expect to see in rosters of the AIHL for their states. The future of our sport is in good hands.


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