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A Captivating Exploration of Female Existence

HER Productions is a Newcastle-based theatre and production company established in 2021 by co-founding artistic directors Charlotte De Wit and Marigold Pazar.


As a very new company starting on its own journey of self-discovery, HER Productions' mission is to bring professional, beautifully crafted, original work to Newcastle and the wider community and to offer equal opportunities for female-identifying and underrepresented individuals in the performing and creative arts industry.

In only their second production, HER Productions will present LOW-LEVEL PANIC from 27 September until 7 October at Catapult Dance Hub in what promises to be a thought-provoking and surprisingly funny play by Clare McIntyre.

After a sell-out season of their debut production of Uncle Vanya, HER Productions presents this highly anticipated production offering a glimpse into the lives of three complex female characters within the intimate confines of a share house bathroom.

With a profound exploration of female existence in a hypersexualised and male-dominated world, LOW-LEVEL PANIC promises to captivate audiences with its raw honesty and poignant storytelling.

“Although this play premiered in 1988, the themes are still profoundly significant,” said Co-Artistic Director Charlotte De Wit.

“We hope the audience leaves asking questions about society's expectations and the impact on their own identity. Our goal always as a company is to create work that provokes conversations and leaves a lasting impact.”

“Clare McIntyre’s exceptional writing and innovative portrayal of the young female condition provides us with a play we feel very honoured and excited to present as the company’s second production,” said actor Marigold Pazar.

Directed by Maike Strichow, starring Marigold Pazar, Charlotte De Wit and Megan Kennedy, LOW-LEVEL PANIC is an emotionally charged production that explores themes of identity, friendship dynamics, and societal expectations. The play contains adult content, including nudity, strong language, and adult themes, and is intended for audiences aged 18 and above.


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