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Lake Mac welcomes 25 new citizens at first COVID safe ceremony

Lake Macquarie City’s citizenship ceremonies returned for the first time since Australia Day this year, welcoming 25 new citizens in two ceremonies at Rathmines Theatre.


It’s also the first time ceremonies have been held at the refurbished Rathmines Theatre, which included new Aussies who have come from 14 different countries including China, Cuba, France, India, Nigeria, Palau, Thailand, USA and Vietnam just to name a few.

Lake Macquarie Mayor Cr Kay Fraser said it is always a joy to welcome new citizens and today is very special because we can again welcome all these amazing new Australians face to face.

“It is such a privilege for me to share this special day with our new Aussies. Our numbers were limited, but Rathmines Theatre was shining with smiling faces and it was great to see families and friends joining in on the celebration,” Cr Fraser said.

“Becoming an Australian citizen is much more than just a formality for a lot of people. It’s an acceptance of our way of life and everything Australia has to offer.

“Welcoming people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe to Lake Macquarie enriches our community and makes us who we are today. We are proud of our diversity and of the welcoming nature of our city.”

Today’s ceremonies add to the more than 1000 people naturalised by Lake Macquarie Mayor Cr Kay. Fraser.

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