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New TAFE NSW Course Hot Property

TAFE NSW has introduced a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice in Newcastle in response to property prices increasing and demand for real estate outside of Sydney climbing in NSW.


According to Domain, a one-bedroom unit has increased 6.4 per cent from this time last year and 23 per cent from September 2016.

With many employers quickly shifting their workforces from the office to home. The success of this shift has motivated many businesses to make these changes more permanent.

PRD Newcastle Licensed Real Estate Agent and Manager, Russell Dawson said the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a new wave of enquiries from people interested in moving from Sydney to Newcastle.

He predicts the trend will grow among millennials, as capital city house prices remain high.

“People have had the time to reflect on their lifestyle and their priorities during the pandemic. Young professionals and families know they can successfully work from home and businesses are now more open to it.

“There has been an increase in people moving out of capital cities and looking to buy property and Newcastle is within two hours of Sydney, has really good infrastructure and good NBN speeds, therefore for many people it’s an obvious choice.”

“We are always looking for extremely well-trained agents who are passionate about real estate in order to service our region and we look favourably upon TAFE NSW graduates because they are taught by experts who still work in the property industry.”

According to a survey by the NBN, more than 80% of people say the working from home experience during COVID-19 has had a positive impact on the way they think about work-life flexibility and how they manage it.

Additionally, 67% say they expect to work from home more after this is all over. TAFE NSW Head Teacher of Property Services, Phil Sallis, said the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice had come at the right time for the region.

“The course has been developed in consultation with real estate industry agencies because of new educational regulatory requirements to the Property and Stock Agents Act 2002.

“Students will be equipped with the practical skills and experience that they need to pursue employment opportunities in the industry in a time where skilled agents are in demand.

“Similarly to most industries, there was concern for the real estate industry when COVID-19 hit but it has definitely shown not only resilience but growth outside of capital cities.”

For more information about TAFE NSW courses, please visit or call 131 601

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