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How to do Neutral Well

How do you do neutral well? How do you achieve a cohesive space without it being bland? The simple answer – layers! Neutral can be very calming, inviting and warm. Here’s a couple of expert tips to get you started:

1.MATERIALS The selection of material plays a huge part. The ‘handle’ of a material is how it feels to you and how it behaves. Do you want a cosy feel? Look at velvets. Would you prefer a refined yet coastal feel? Look at a fine Belgian linen. Use both on a leather lounge, and you have another layer of materiality. This mixing of materials creates depth both visually and to the touch.

2. PATTERNS Mix it up. If you’re looking to achieve a neutral palette successfully, this is an important tip! It can all be beige and white, however, add patterns with these colours and suddenly a new element is brought in to play. Not only do you have the lighter colours you want, but you have character. If you struggle to put patterns together, find a fabric range on a hanger or book with multiple styles already combined. These combinations are done by the designers or fabric houses to look good together, so you don’t have to recreate the wheel!

3. LAYER IT UP Consider your spaces as a whole. Don’t just think of cushions on a lounge. What else is/can be in the room? Plan the carpet, rug, lounge, cushions, wallpaper, coffee table, artworks, lighting and décor as a whole. Plan the look, then piece it together. Use a textured wallpaper and the artworks that will go on top. Layer the space with complementary colours that are all part of the neutral spectrum. As long as you think about the combination of the colours and pieces as a whole within the space, you can afford to take the neutral theme throughout the entire home.

4. DEPTH Neutral as a spectrum, goes from white to beige to taupe, to greys to black. Utilise the darker aspects to create depth. If you flick it around in various places, the ‘boldness’ is softened as the eye can keep landing on it. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just a splash, and you’ll achieve a depth in the space you may need.

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