August Horoscopes


Astrologer TANYA OBREZA on what’s in the stars this month.


23 July - 22 August

There’s little disputing you’ve had enough of unsettling changes, and you’re ready for better times. Face it; it’s been a thankless task holding down the supporting role. But here’s a year when personal and professional acclaim takes priority. Basically, the planets launch a rocket under your sensibilities to lift your industriousness. Truth is though; many Leos would prefer to be free of responsibilities. Sorry. No can do. Take solace in the knowledge that well-earned goodies will come part and parcel with the hard work expected of you. Financially, it would wise be to stem the flow – especially if it’s all going into the outstretched hands of a wastrel.

23 August - 22 September
The Sun’s stopover through your sector of subconscious inspires you to delve into non-physical dimensions. Whether you choose to investigate psychic skills, journey into fantasy or develop an interest in psychology, your inner psyche is studied. Don’t let anyone tell you that you just want to escape reality, as this month is about accessing the truly inspirational world within.


23 September - 22 October
Faced with the choice between risk or routine, this month – the pursuit of pleasure wins hands down. The cosmos also ushers in a growing level of self-confidence. What you gain is the courage of your convictions. Relationships also hit a high note, especially new friendships. If love makes an entrance, it may be via business. Platonic bonds could be in for a surprise shift of status – delightfully so.


23 October - 21 November
Don’t feel besieged if work is testing you. Some planets argue for a career change – others don’t. There’s no need to decide right now. Stay patient, because dreams need time to become a reality. Thankfully, with matters of the heart, it’s all systems go – but let love develop at a steady pace. Again, don’t be in too much of a hurry to commit. Keep the focus on having fun, and the rest will follow.


22 November - 21 December
Heavy hitter Uranus has seized the role of boss of your work sector. You can’t run, you can’t hide. No matter how many jobs you leave – the same old lessons will come to bite you on the backside until you get it right. How will you know when it’s finally “right”? When work feels like a joy and not slavery. Romance gets a shake-up too. As your tastes may change sharply and suddenly, your lover must be savvy enough to follow along quickly.


22 December - 19 January
When you feel torn between two worlds, certain aspects of your life can lose out to other concerns. But neglected interests will eventually stir dissent. Thankfully, August restores balance, and your commitment swerves towards long-term relationships. Realign priorities, Capricorn – and then find some loving company and relax. After the 10th, clear plenty of diary space for carnal delights.


20 January - 18 February
You have some pretty high expectations at the moment, and not all of them can be met. If this becomes frustrating, don’t resort to anger. Likewise, any advice given to you should not be pitched as caustic criticism. Take it easy on everyone, including yourself. Crush the wrong set of toes, and offended dance partners may decide to call a separate tune. Not the outcome you’d hoped for.


19 February - 20 March
August threatens to send finances into a spin. Remember, while grand schemes give you something to aspire to; they can also break the bank. Fortunately, your sensible side should step in before spending gets too out of hand. In addition, a friend or relative wants your help. If they’re too intrusive, set them straight. Sometimes, even loved ones have to learn by their own mistakes.


21 March - 20 April
Just when you feel like grabbing pieces of your past and putting them through the shredder, powerhouse Mars turns up in time to help you keep things together. Spare yourself the anxiety of old wrongs. We all make mistakes – it’s part of living on this crazy planet. The Sun brings you into contact with people who weren’t around when the mess initially hit the fan. So why not start over?


21 April - 20 May

A determined Taurean with nothing to do spells trouble. You’re on a professional and creative bender that can’t be suppressed. Don’t panic if a nearest and dearest appears out of sorts. At times, we all need our private space but won’t be a lonely month. There are still plenty of special social moments to be had. Singles are due for a shift of status – but are you really ready to commit?



21 May – 21 June

If you’ve been feeling sad, perhaps you’ve been missing passion or romance. Not so through August. Radiating sensuality, how can you fail to be the centre of attention? The trick is to take a break from others’ relentless grief. Their web of discontent prevents your own self-care. Surround yourself with beauty and those closest to your heart. Love changes everything, as many now rediscover.



22 June - 22 July

Your energy continues to power up in August. Get a move on Cancer but, this time, in a new direction. You should also direct all this extra enthusiasm into specific goals. If you're in the market for a new car, or property – it’s a great time to buy. Just make sure you research everything thoroughly – read all small print. Expand your horizons, too. This month, you’re on the winning side of this game called “life.”



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