July Horoscopes


Astrologer TANYA OBREZA on what’s in the stars this month.


22 June - 22 July
Many Cancerians have had their resilience put to the test. Feeling heavily burdened, you’ve been trying to carry the world on your shoulders. It’s time to realign your affairs so that you feel on top of the world rather than beneath it. However, before you start anything new, draw up the pros and cons of each situation. Good fortune is coming your way on many levels, but you must stay ahead of the game. Competitors will always be trailing close behind. The best news? Finances receive particular focus. So as you make up your birthday wish list for love, good health and happiness, don’t forget to include your financial plan. It seems you just may have many reasons to celebrate!


23 July - 22 August
Sometimes the best form of defence is attack. Even so, you could be opting for overkill this month. Sure, remain assertive if others are out to undermine you, but what they’re saying can’t all be wrong. Compromise is the key. Solitude, meditation, reflection: these are the things that would benefit you most. Your talents haven’t been forgotten - plans for your moment of glory are underway.


23 August - 22 September
Long term goals come closer to reality, as Mercury nudges forward in your sector of hopes and wishes. You just need to introduce focus. Use July to draw up a list of items you want to achieve. Follow up with a minimum of three plans of action and you should see results leading into the spring months. Virgos are the alchemists of the zodiac, after all. So why not apply this magic to your love life as well. Conjure up some romance.


23 September - 22 October
Does the past seem more alluring than the present? Don’t get too stuck in rose-coloured nostalgia. Clinging to times gone by can shut out today’s reality. If you’ve experienced a break-up, this is a normal stage in the grieving process. But this feeling shouldn’t be mistaken for depression - it’s more just a case of needing some time out for contemplation. But come back soon Libra - you’re needed in the here and now.


23 October - 21 November
Until the 14th, an unsettled Mercury brings the full spectrum of emotions, and perhaps some conflict. But you’re not entirely innocent in all this. You can’t treat love as a battleground and not expect warfare. Take care that the past doesn’t spill into present battles. Others have been waiting patiently for your commitment, so make your mind up before they move on without you. If it’s peace you’re after, wave the white flag.


22 November - 21 December
This month, independence becomes your keyword - particularly in money matters. Expect changes in joint finances, so don’t become too reliant on another’s resources. And despite the occasional temptation to take a risk, cover your bets and don’t borrow if you can’t afford the repayments. Romance also needs to offer more excitement. A sexier new you emerges. The prospects of making a long term commitment and happiness is high.


22 December - 19 January
With the Sun and Mercury hurling killer vibes at Saturn, some rivalry is heading your way. Best to keep your head down. The trouble is, Capricorns don’t like being told what to do. All this spells conflict and, perhaps, misunderstandings. You may think you’re saying the right thing, but it’s coming out wrong. There are, however, people on your side - so listen up and recognise good advice when it’s given.


20 January - 18 February
This is a jewel of a month for determined Aquarians. Your mind is sharp and better able to grasp abstract ideas. You’re a bit of a control freak, and you’ll be in your element when put in charge or facing demanding deadlines. Would you have it any other way? Maybe. A little extra romance would ease the pressure. Look to sexy Venus, who provides recreation in the bedroom. Discretion is needed if you choose an illicit path.


19 February - 20 March
Pisceans are back in “can-do” mode – just as well, as there’s an increasing number of projects to deal with. New ventures started in late month show fantastic potential. And should the cosmos offer a financial pick-me-up, accept graciously. Think of it as a reward for good deeds done. And when feeling this flush, it’s easy to spoil yourself. Go ahead. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing.


21 March - 20 April
Domesticity takes up much of your time this month. You may redecorate, move house or simply organise a family reunion, albeit perhaps via social media. Friends and family could also plan a surprise for you. Whatever the case, the planets put you in the mood to commit. It’s also a heart-to-heart time, which could mean airing long-held grievances. The upside? You’re no longer held captive by hidden feelings, or hostile finances.


21 April - 20 May
With Venus settled in your financial sector - this generous planet declares war on debt, scrimping and saving. Breathe a sigh of relief, as money matters finally start to ease. There is a catch, though: not everything will turn out to be as good as it appears. If something instinctively feels too-good-to-be-true, it probably is. Good judgement is the key. Check your health, too. Sleep and a sensible diet are vital.



21 May – 21 June
It’s not selfish to do what makes you happy, Gemini. You must be satisfied with your own lot before you can bring joy to others. But expect an air of envy around you this month. Mars is financially generous towards you right now, which may put some noses out of joint. Shrug off any taunts. You’re super-intelligent and well-loved, so most friends and family will be thrilled to applaud you.



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