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Let's Talk Seniors!

Anglican Care's new podcast aims to inspire, educate and help seniors to live longer, happier lives and be prepared for the future.


Today’s over 60’s are all about staying healthy, happy and active. Helping them to do just that is the hip new podcast “Let’s Talk Seniors”.

Kylie and Michelle from Anglican Care host the podcast and together with an array of guest speakers, provide fun and practical advice to help keep seniors informed and entertained.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people of all ages are on-line as never before with podcast listenership soaring across the globe.

The Let’s Talk Seniors podcast has proven hugely popular with downloads from Apple Podcasts, Anglican Care’s website and Facebook listens exceeding all expectations.

“Being the marketing department of Anglican Care, Michelle and I saw the shortfall in the sector for simple, and easy to understand information, without all the jargon and technical speak. From clinical staff to management, every department at Anglican Care has been excited and closely involved with bringing Let’s Talk Seniors to fruition,” said Kylie Jacques Marketing Manager and co-host of the podcast.

“Season one has been completed with new podcasts available each week and we head back into the studio in early June to record Season two and then hopefully Season Three is just around the corner.

We have had incredible support from so many healthcare and lifestyle professionals who have all given their time to provide this very valuable insight and information,” said Kylie.

The podcasts cover everything a senior needs to know from how to stay healthy and fit through to what is mindfulness.

The topics are aimed to inspire and educate Australian’s to live a longer and happier life and be prepared for your future.

“Let's Talk Seniors, answers all the common questions you never get a chance to ask – such as, what is the difference between dementia and alzheimers, or how important is spirituality as you age, can I start yoga over 60 or will I break in two! We even discuss Coronavirus and how important it is for seniors to maintain a healthy immune system.

This podcast came about because we have access to a vast array of health experts and we know from talking to seniors every day, they are wanting more information and podcasts are a fun way to stay informed and entertained. Seniors want to be hip too,” said fellow co-host and Anglican Care’s Creative Designer Brand Specialist Michelle Payne.

Nola from Toronto is 76 years young and had never listened to a Podcast prior to Let’s Talk Seniors but decided togive it a go.

“I just loved the episode, ‘Seniors Need Muscles Too’, and ever since I’ve been working hard on building what Dr Ward referred to as my nursing home muscles.” said Nola.

Nola has gone on to listen each week and hasn’t stopped there, with a whole new world opening up to her.

“If I’m going for a walk or folding the washing I try a new podcast. By listening to all these podcasts, when my daughter calls from Sydney - I’ve got so much to tell her!”

Let’s Talk Seniors will continue to build a library of topics that engage and interest seniors, whilst allowing experts in their fields to reach hundreds of people hungry for information and highlights where to go for further support and advice.

Topics for Season One:

  • What is all this mindfulness business with Charlotte Thaarup

  • Medication, are you taking too much and Seniors need muscles too with Dr John Ward

  • What are your spirituality needs as you age with Reverend Andrew Harrison

  • Dementia and Alzheimers – how are they different and When is the right time to move a loved one into an aged care home – is there a defined tipping point with Janet Sykes

  • Can Making Changes to your home help someone living with dementia

  • How to stay hip, active, on the ball and socially connected with Jane Meldrum.

  • How does a carer cope and avoid carer burnout and How you can remain happy at home with Jacqui Culver.

The ten-part first season includes a bonus episode discussing the Coronavirus with Dr John Ward, recorded on April 8.

Dr Ward focuses on how seniors can stay healthy, keep their immune system at its peak and what to do if they have symptoms.

Each episode runs for approximately 15 minutes to allow for easy, bite sized, listening with the feedback from those who have downloaded the series fantastic.

“We are really excited to roll out Season two with interviews scheduled with a yoga expert, dietitian, occupational therapist and financial planner all assisting us to build an easily accessible information library,” said Kylie.

Those interested in listening to “Let’s Talk Seniors” can download it from Apple and Google Play by searching “Let’s Talk Seniors”.

Let’s Talk Seniors is also available via the Anglican Care website:

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