April Horoscopes

March 30, 2020

TANYA OBREZA was born in Slovenija and emigrated to Australia with her parents as a young girl. It was during her first visit to England that Tanya was introduced to astrology, and in 1980 she gained her London Faculty of Astrological Studies qualifications. Over the years, Tanya has established an extensive and wide-ranging international following, mostly due to her reassuring, down to earth presence. 



Aries 21 March – 20 April
The Aries dream is still on schedule, but it’s not a year for short cuts. Over the next 12 months, life will run more like a marathon – so keep those trainers laced. To help, you have a mighty planetary task team onside, including generous Jupiter cheering on professional triumphs. Soon enough, emotional maturity and honed skills let you carve your name in any trophy you choose. With carnal desires also running free, business contacts can just as willingly become romantic ties. Singles play the field, duos revive experimental play. But regardless of romantic status, this year you could meet a gifted individual who pushes you into the public eye. A growing wanderlust might also be satiated by travel.

Taurus 21 April – 20 May

By now, you may realise that Saturn is causing havoc. Whereas other zodiac signs can expect much emotional turbulence, for you - Saturn’s prime concern is your work. This will trigger changes in your job this year or a significant alteration in life direction. From here on in, work must offer freedom. Technology or the media play a large part. Sure, there’ll be moments of trepidation, but success beckons.  


Gemini 21 May – 21 June
In late March, task-master Saturn exited your sector of karmic debts and moved into your sector of travel and expansion. So, yes, you have Gemini – you can finally exhale a mighty sigh of relief! The past has been dealt with, so you can once again live in the present. After nearly two years of frustration, you can expect the world to co-operate with you - and it will. Romance also offers more excitement. A sexier new you emerges.


Cancer 22 June – 22 July
With sobering Saturn settled in your sector of sexuality, it seems you have another year of perplexing passions ahead. First instincts send you scurrying under the safety of your doona. Alone. But there’s good news too. After June, expect a surprise when you attract someone different from your usual peer group. Singles attract suitors who help them financially, while couples rekindle passions. 


Leo 23 July – 22 August
Now that Saturn has stuck his toes over that 7th House horizon, relationships rule. It’s a time when you must substitute the "me" for "we". And while this doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your own identity, dealing with others will call for greater responsibility. Singles may marry, or form a relationship with an older, or mature individual – very likely, karmic in nature. The great news? The promise of a love that lasts.


Virgo 23 August – 22 September
Mix a little determination with a lot of ambition, and you get a recipe for success. Saturn, the planet of hard work and transformation, occupies your work sector for two years - bringing empowering changes in your career and personal life. It’s time to discard emotional or professional deadwood. At times this may be easier said than done but truth be told - you can’t go back now, and why would you? Look to the future.


Libra 23 September – 22 October
Saturn assigns you a new life direction, so now’s the time to clear away any emotional debris. Let common sense set the pace, and don’t be hurried by others’ hysteria. You’ll have a growing awareness of your own desires. This should be made clear to anyone who tries to steer you away from them. For some, past romantic sparks may be reignited, but this time with more intensity and fervour. Let your heart lead the way.


Scorpio 23 October – 21 November
With Saturn improving communication skills, you’re granted a gentler and kinder year. Of course, there will always be challenging issues to face, but you’ll meet them with greater confidence. Work takes a back seat in July, making more room for love. One individual, in particular, feels like a soul mate. But should you be disappointed with your current domestic situation, expect change. Best news: a little extravagance is likely.


Sagittarius 22 November – December 21
For the next two years, Saturn makes demands - and lots of them. This long term focus falls on communications and mental agility. It’s a time when you expand your intellect and reach out for new experiences. You become ready to make radical moves. Sagittarians also come to feel more comfortable with who they are and their chosen lifestyle. Just don't assume you know it all. After all, life is a constant journey.


Capricorn 22 December – January 19
For years, Saturn has made your life hell with its orders to wait pulsing through your mind. Still, you’ve weathered it well and finally, the confusion starts to lift. Likewise, if love feels like a distant destination, expect much closer contact. So go ahead Capricorn – have more fun, but also ask what you really want from relationships. And don't count too much on others for material backing. For the next two years, financial independence is a must.


Aquarius 20 January – 18 February
Saturn, the disciplinarian of the zodiac, sets up camp in your own sign for 20 months. It’s a period when old patterns are broken, and new friendships and interests are developed. Many outworn habits have to go, including things and people. But don’t worry if you make a mistake or two – the soul actually benefits from the odd red-faced moment. Every move, whether it’s upward or wayward, makes you a more complete person.


Pisces 19 February – 20 March
Saturn moves into your sector of inner feelings and subconscious. For other zodiac signs, this would feel like a mere ripple, but super-sensitive Pisceans can expect soul-stirring emotional tsunamis. Feelings are more raw and exposed and, at times, any repressed emotions will unexpectedly resurface. But it’s not all bad – strangely, you may take pleasure in this new feeling of “aliveness”. You grow bolder and more aware.


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