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Mulletfest 2020 Winners & Grinners

They came from far and wide to enter the most Aussie competition ever. Mulletfest 2020 at the Chelmsford Hotel had 245 entries from all over the country and a huge international contingent from Norwary, Canada, The UK and the United States. All just for the glimmer of hope that they would win the coveted title of Best Mullet of them all.


You have to win one of the categories to become the ultimate winner. So with the winners of Ranga, International, Vintage, Grubby, Everyday, Extreme and Peoples Choice all on the stage. It was announced that our Vintage winner Paul Gee took out the Grand Prize. Paul had travelled all the way from Heathmont, Victoria and has been growing his mullet all his life just preparing for this moment and when asked how he felt on stage he said "it was a dream came true". He also commented on the more then 100 young people in the under 18 sections saying they were the future of our country. We also had her very first marriage proposal. Kirsten and Tony got engaged on the main stage in front of a cheering crowd. Laura from the Chelmsford Hotel kindly offered to host the wedding so you never know, next year we might have our very first Mulletfest Wedding. Mark Hughes joined the judges on stage to hand out the top prizes. All the money raised goes to a cause is close to our hearts. Brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in children, and adults aged under 40 in Australia, yet alarmingl