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In the February edition, Will from Planet Charlestown spoke about the benefits of strength and resistance training. This is just one of the areas that can help you with your fitness goals. But let me ask you; how are you going? Do you feel healthier? Are you happier? What about making changes to help you live a longer life? Did you make the New Year’s resolution or the 2020 NEW YOU promise?

It is three months down the track, and if you have stuck to your guns, you should be feeling the positive benefits of your choices. Three months is a great achievement, and if you have stuck with it, your fitness journey has well and truly begun, and you are unstoppable!

If you have not tried strength and conditioning training, you should give it a go. You could do this with a personal trainer, or get involved in one of our many group fitness classes across all three Planet Fitness Newcastle facilities, or you might even want to give our PowerCamp Functional Training centre at Planet Fitness Charlestown a go. If you aren’t a Planet Fitness member, you are welcome to come in and have a free trial.

It’s important to remember that when you work the body; you must recover the body so make sure you incorporate some (or all) of this into your training routine. Stretching aids not only in recovery but also helps you prevent injuries and build resilience within the body. Yoga, Pilates or PF Balance will help recovery for not only the body but the mind too.

Best of all – if you are a Planet Fitness member, the Platinum Plus membership gives you access to not only the gym facility, but the Planet Fitness Spa, group fitness classes which include Yoga, plus you can bring a training buddy with you for free.

Now that you have a fitness routine in place and you are working hard to reach your goals, you need to ensure you are fuelling your body?

I often tell members and clients to “think of your body as an engine in a car.” A car needs clean fuel to run effectively, right! A diesel car can’t run on unleaded fuel and your body is the same. You need to put the right fuel in to keep the engine running at its best.

I am all for moderation, but be aware of how hard you are working and how much one meal can undo your training. Balance is the key! If you are struggling with your nutrition or food, I would recommend seeing a qualified nutritionist for weight loss and fuelling the body as food intake can have a significant effect on your training.

Keep these pointers in mind and you will stay on track on your fitness journey. Happy Autumn training.


As you progress through your fitness journey, you will soon discover what works for you with your training. In case you find yourself feeling a little sore and tight – here’s some tips to assist with your recovery:

  • Make sure you stretch regularly

  • Use a foam roller

  • Take up Yoga or Pilates

  • See a remedial masseuse regularly

  • Use our Planet Fitness Spa for recovery – there’s an infrared sauna, massage chairs and HydroMassage beds to choose from!

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