• Hunter Water

All Options Under Consideration in Lower Hunter Water Plan Review

We’re working together with our community and the NSW Government to review the Lower Hunter Water Plan, which will ensure the region has a sustainable supply of water in the decades to come, as well as during times of drought.

Hunter Water’s Chief Investment Officer Darren Cleary said all options are actively being investigated, with the review now at the stage where potential sites will be explored in more detail. “We’ve been through a rigorous process to look at all of the options available to us that could help reduce the amount of water we use and to supplement our existing drinking water supplies.

“We’ve identified a number of potential sites for further investigation. Aside from continuing to invest in water conservation and leakage reduction, no decisions have been made about which options will be included in the revised Plan. It’s important we do this work now to understand their technical feasibility, as well as the environmental, social and financial aspects.

“We’re considering potential new sources of water to enhance our existing supplies such as dams, desalination, groundwater and water sharing.