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Top 4 Tips to Create the Perfect Cushion Combination

Cushions are one of the best ways to give your space a brand-new look, without breaking the bank. However, picking a killer combination of different patterns, hues and sizes that work in a cohesive way can often be a tricky task. Whether you’re decorating a casual living room or a more formal space, here are four simple tips to make sure you nail it every time.

  1. CONNECTION – When you are selecting cushion combinations, make sure they all have some element that links them together and connects back to the overall style. Strong pops of colour and pattern can look great in a space when they link back with artworks, rugs or accent furniture. If they don’t link to anything – they can look a little odd. A good idea is to create your ‘hero’ element – draw on existing colours within the space that you wish to highlight. Find a focal colour in an artwork or an accent furniture piece and then introduce, say, a velvet, or woven cushion in the same block colour and voila you have your ‘hero’ – now it’s time to make some connections!

  2. TEXTURE – Mixing up your textures will allow the space to become more tactile and interesting. They can also be a good way to give some subtle contrast, without leading too far from the original colour palette. A tone-on-tone palette using differing textures is always a winner to look at (and lay on!).

  3. SCALE – When using multiple patterns in a look, ensure the scale of the actual pattern is different. If all of the patterns are small scale, then the overall look can become erratic. On the other hand, too many large-scale patterns will clash and fight for attention. You can mix and match patterns if they are of a different scale. Balance is key!

  4. QUALITY – I am a firm believer in the idea that when it comes to items that are used close to the body, i.e. bedding, towels and cushions – the more you should invest in quality fabrics and workmanship. It is always money well spent, and the quality can have a lot of influence on the overall style and feel of the room. For example; washed or vintage linen feels soft and familiar; making it a great choice for larger cushions that you can lounge around on. But, it can often give off a more casual, nonchalant air. If you are going for a more luxurious style, velvet has an undeniable glamour and elegance, as does a stunning silk, or embroidery. Think about how you are going to use the cushion. A piece with beaded embellishments won’t be comfortable under your head, so these are often better on a bed instead of a lounge.


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