January 2020 Horoscopes

January 15, 2020

TANYA OBREZA was born in Slovenija and emigrated to Australia with her parents as a young girl. It was during her first visit to England that Tanya was introduced to astrology, and in 1980 she gained her London Faculty of Astrological Studies qualifications. Over the years, Tanya has established an extensive and wide-ranging international following, mostly due to her reassuring, down to earth presence. 



December 22 to January 19

Jupiter kick starts January with a surge of energy, and the Sun adds determination. Suddenly, going that extra mile won’t seem so unsettling. Mars throws in some luck for good measure so real progress can be made. However, it won’t all be smooth sailing. If resources are looking stretched to the limit in March, don’t immediately assume the worst.  Challenges often work to your advantage. Use this time to abandon luckless quests.  Perhaps you should consider taking up a different line of work or restarting a project that you’ve been stalling for ages.  But the real upside to your birthday year?  Although there's no guarantee of a lottery win, extra cash flow is a strong possibility.


 January 20 to February 18

The old adage about “being in the right place at the right time” rings true - your time is now. With winning stamina, you pursue goals with power and intensity. Aquarians are no longer prepared to settle for second best, so tired old situations are discarded.  Once focused, you’ll increasingly resent anyone meddling with your self-directed fate.  Others are about to learn just how single-minded and ambitious you can be.



February 19 to March 20
January offers the chance of lasting fulfilment as a lover, child, parent or friend.  The most basic issue in all your relationships is a greater desire to discover what truly makes you happy.  If emotional barriers have grown higher than intended, carefully dismantle them. Be open and honest with those you love, Pisces - happiness rests with the ability to trust yourself as well as others.  Someone special plays a fated role in your life.  



March 21 to April 20 
Thanks to Jupiter’s positive input and your tireless effort, success beckons. Further growth comes via travel but possibly at the expense of domestic commitment. Sometimes, though, when faced with the prospect of success, there’s a sense of anxiety rather than anticipation.  Push ahead and overcome such fears, Aries.  You’re ready and able to cope with the most daunting pressures.



April 21 to May 20
You now find the courage to be yourself, with little apology.  Fun-loving Jupiter also stimulates a plethora of pleasurable appetites. Your capacity for personal enjoyment expands, as could your waistline.  Don't overdo a good thing.  Sexually, you don't feel the need to hold back - and what you may learn is that honesty is a great asset — some Taureans partner up with a partner from a completely different background. 



May 21 to June 21
Relationships, career or finances may have suffered a severe reality check of late. Looking back, though, you recognise that each challenge has been a valuable lesson learnt.  As a reward, the cosmos sets about restoring considerably more than was forfeited.  Prepare to be showered with good fortune, Gemini.  Mixing business with pleasure also becomes a hot possibility - as does lasting love.  



June 22 to July 22
We all stub our toes sometimes - especially when we’re forced to tread unfamiliar paths.  You may be steered towards a bit of rough terrain earlier in January, but at least you’re back on track by the 21st.  Just don’t over commit.  That’s a trap you often fall into - simply because you find it difficult to say “no”, and others take advantage.  Start putting your own needs first, Cancer.  Stop pandering to others’ needs before your own.  


July 23 to August 22
January brings a chance to do something very different.  From here on in, Leos are on a new trajectory that’s bound to alter many of your present values.  If you want a culprit, look no further than super-generous Jupiter.  There’s the promise of a new role, travel or promotion.  By month’s end, it becomes easier to take a well-earned break.  Venus suggests that you choose somewhere private, far from prying eyes.



August 23 to September 22
While work and money contribute to our lifestyle, love is essential to our feeling of wholeness. But to give relationships a chance, first, you must be prepared to trust. Sure, you’ve been hurt in the past, but that’s part of life’s learning curve. Now, give someone else the opportunity to get to know and love the real you. But this time, play by your rules. Expect a surprise late month, when someone unusual enters the scene.



September 23 to October 22
Always the romantic, you enjoy love.  Just as well as for even the shyest Librans, January seems particularly keen to play sexual broker.  It’s around this time of year that your natural mojo is at its most appealing.  For some, the past gets back in touch.  But guard your secrets.  Not everyone is as forgiving as you.  Rapture or wreckage, Libra - you’re in for a raunchy time.  Unpredictable, too. 



October 23 to November 21
Last year may have doused many a flame of passion, but sexy Venus now brings a dramatic change in mood.  Established duos are injected with spontaneity, while singles find love in unexpected places.  Love at first sight, perhaps?  Couples can expect more mutual tenderness and understanding. Whether we’re talking emotions, possessions or opinions - sharing becomes less complicated and more committed.



November 22 to December 21
We all need a helping hand every so often.  January introduces a wise mentor who can bring new wisdom into your life.  As a bonus, helpful Jupiter continues to focus on finances.  Nothing less than worthy recompense will cut it now.  And don’t worry if less scrupulous colleagues try to steal your glory.  With you one step ahead, they’ll be left straggling two steps behind.  Love also features.  Business trips too.  



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