• Dr Kathryn Holmes

Making a Year-Long Plan for Skin Health

We are really entering the silly season now, with so many parties and events from November into the new year. For some people, it is only now that they start to look at their skin and general 'photo-readiness'. (Social media, of course, pushes this, as well as creating much anxiety around appearance – even to the extent of diagnosable mental health conditions – but that’s a whole other topic!)

Statistics show that the number of visits to clinics for all manner of “beauty” treatments, including anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers rises hugely in these eight weeks of the year. This makes sense, but can also be very risky.

In this rapidly expanding world of cosmetic medicine and beauty, there has developed a confusion between what things are beauty treatments and what are medical treatments. Australia’s regulatory processes have not kept up with the development of new centres and people offering these procedures. Add to this the push of the insta “influencer”, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Insta-Influencers are often recommending treatments that carry real risks, without clearly mentioning this, OR be recommending injectors who m