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LIVE YOUR LIST - Being More Human

Words spoken and written are significant to this Hamilton resident – so, it is no surprise she has published a book. But how the book came about is both intriguing and ironic. Michelle Crawford is a chief conversationalist at her business, Being More Human. She chose these names because she wanted to represent how people change, and conversations are available to everyone. Michelle believes genuine transformation happens through conversation.

About ten years ago, she was running a women’s retreat when she woke from a dream, sat bolt upright in bed with the knowledge she would write a book.

“Last year in December, I received the published copies of my book. It was amazing, a major milestone in my life and a big relief. It was a similar feeling to having a baby.”

Her book, Being More Human: Reaching your human potential through mindset mastery, was born from a conversation. From her business, Michelle had all these ideas, topics and content, so to help her put them in order, she engaged a book coach.

“I never set out to write about mindset. It was through conversations and interviews with my book coach, the mindset model emerged. It was with no intent; it felt like the book wrote itself.”

While talking about her 25 years of running workshops and working with people around the globe, Michelle realised the five-stage mindset model – sufferer, survivor, passenger, driver, thriver. The model provides a pathway for people to understand that they are not alone and learn how to move from one mindset to the next to enhance their life in a range of ways.

“I love writing and its cathartic effect to get ideas out of my head and onto paper. Though I found the process for publication challenging and demanding of time.”

It took Michelle a year to write and another year to publish her book, which was launched in February. It was written for women, 35 to 55 years, in the workplace or their own business. However, the reach has been wider appealing to men, school students, mums and CEOs.

“The response has been super positive, much more than I ever imagined. I have received comments such as its ‘my new bible’.”

From this success, Michelle had decided to write another book. She believes lots of people want to write a book. However, they have just as many excuses why not to.

“My advice is to write, don’t get hung up on the content, create a habit of writing. Do a little bit every day, and in time a book will emerge if you let it.”

Since 2000, Michelle has journaled daily about her goals, especially her bucket list.

“I journal as though it was already happening. I believe in the power of writing, to actualise my goals then see them happen. It is so clear to me that what I write becomes my reality. It is like magic!” She has seen it again and again. In 2009, Michelle wrote a bucket list that included visiting 50 countries, running a half marathon, obtaining her Masters, owning a business and finding a new partner. They are all ticked off.

Last month, she wrote her next bucket list that is bolder with no concern about the difficulty. It includes being interviewed by Oprah, speaking on all seven continents, bringing Richard Branson to Newcastle, helping to eradicate mental illness from the planet, and owning multiple businesses across different industries.

“For the past three years, I have been working on the Branson visit. There is an upcoming conversation with Virgin United to see if he will be here next year – fingers crossed.”

As for the other items on her list, Michelle believes it is only a matter of time before they happen.

Words: Kim-Cherie Davidson - Live Your Bucket List

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