Streamlining the Building Process for a Better Outcome

Understanding where to start on the building journey is pivotal to ensuring successful completion. It can all be a bit daunting, and there’s no doubt that using a professional builder with an established step by step process can take a lot of the stress away from you (just ask the guys from The Block!) 
With this in mind, this month we spoke to Chris Walkom of Walkom Constructions to find out what are the essential steps in the building process to ensure the project comes in on time, on budget and is an enjoyable process for the homeowner. 

Chris says that the process they have developed and use has also been streamlined to help, homeowners get through the build faster – so it’s a win-win for all involved. Here, Chris outlines the Walkom 7-Step Process


I personally meet with you onsite to discuss your tailored design requirements and do a site inspection. I will offer my professional advice and advise you of any foreseeable costs and concerns associated with the site which you may not have considered or accounted for. I will then put forward the best way to proceed from here and clarify any questions you may have. This is a crucial step in the process, and one often missed, you must get the first step in the right direction or else you’ll end up in the wrong place!


Concept drawings are prepared around the information given on our first consultation. Once you’re 100% happy with the design, an estimate is then worked through to ensure we are working within your budget so you can decide on the design. During this time, you may also be interested in a consultation with an interior designer to discuss the custom decorative features that turn your project into your home.


Your project information will be added to our 24/7 online client access system from our website for you to access and view online product selections and the preliminary construction stages of your project.


Construction drawings are completed so that they can be submitted for approval. At this stage, we detail a specification to suit your home, which enables us to calculate and offer a fixed price proposal. Once a proposal is agreed, a HIA Building contract is written up.


We organise council approvals and are with you every step of the way during your project. You will continue to have 24/7 online access to your project, so you know exactly what’s happening next and have full control of your project from start to finish.


Here’s the finishing part, we will show you through your finished home to ensure you are 100% satisfied. We will also pass on our warranties book with your 72 Month Structural Warranty and 6 Month General Defect Warranty. Enjoy your newly built home and thanks for building with us!


We will always be contactable if you have any questions to ask us, we offer a warranty which is above industry standards, and we love to keep in contact to hear how much you enjoy your home!

Chris Walkom is the owner of Walkom Constructions, based in Newcastle. Walkom specialises in renovations and extensions, offering personal and professional services to ensure 
clients needs are met every time. Visit www.walkomconstructions.com for more info.

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