Dali: Hallucinogenic Toreador

Dali: Hallucinogenic Toreador, a new play by Carl Caulfield, (Where Late the Songbird, The Anatomy of Buzz, Shakespeare’s Fools), uses the scandalous and surreal life of Salvador Dali to ask questions about art and fame. Outrageous, flamboyant and often on the edge of sanity, Dali considered himself a genius, but was this just a mask to hide his fear? The obsessions and neuroses that drove his art and life – grasshoppers, melting clocks, crutches, telephones and doubles, also expose his shameful secrets and raise disturbing questions about his legacy.

 As surreal and provocative as a Dali masterpiece, this new play promises a wild, joyous and moving journey into Dali’s strange and fascinating world. 

See one of six performances between Friday 15th - Saturday 23rd November at Civic Theatre. Visit www.civictheatre.com.au for tickets.


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