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Create Your Own Dream Sleep at Makin Mattresses!

Australia’s largest independent mattress manufacturer, Makin Mattresses, has been creating the most comfortable and highest quality mattresses for more than 40 years. And because they are manufacturers selling direct to the public, customers can try the product before they buy, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

The way they design, construct the mattresses and the in-store experience is the difference at Makin Mattresses. Attention to detail, quality control, and focus on comfort has made this Aussie company the country’s most well-loved provider of the perfect night’s sleep.

Offering a wide range of mattresses to suit individual needs, the company regularly conducts satisfaction surveys which show that 1 in 2 of their customers has either bought from them before or been recommended by a friend!

The most popular in the range is the premium two-piece, Bellissimo, delivering the perfect balance of comfort and support by providing a five or seven-zone support system that cradles the parts of your body that need it most; thousands of micro-coils provide balanced comfort and support whilst ensuring airflow management, resulting in a cooler more hygienic night’s sleep.

They’re double-sided too as is every mattress manufactured by Makin Mattresses, the pillow top is separate to the support module, allowing flipping, turning and rotating. This results in a longer-lasting more comfortable mattress because you can use both sides of the mattress as your sleep surface over time. Having a single-sided mattress that you can only rotate leaves you creating body impressions, causing the comfort layers to flatten and collapse, a problem resolved by the unique double-sided construction.

Not to forget the 5-year comfort promise on the Bellissimo Micro-Coil range, meaning that if in the first five years of owning your mattress your comfort level changes you can take it back to the store to be changed once. As the manufacturer, we can take your mattress and change it from too firm or too soft for your liking to something in between. This removes the risk of buying a new mattress, not knowing if once you get it home, the comfort won’t be exactly how you imagined.

With the only micro coil machine in Australia, Makin Mattresses have created a unique mattress. The micro-coil technology creates a cooler night sleep, with more effective airflow through the comfort layers. The micro-coils don’t degrade over time like foam. Produced exclusively in the company’s North Brisbane factory the Bellissimo micro coil range is unique and only available at Makin Mattresses Sandgate, in the Hunter Region.

If you have a boat or caravan that requires a custom-sized mattress, the team at Makin Mattresses can alter any of their mattresses to suit the sleep space, right here in Newcastle. The large factory and retail showroom has an expansive carpark enabling customers to drive in with their caravan for a custom fitting.

The team at the Sandgate store work closely with the production team on site and are experts at matching you with the right mattress to suit your comfort needs and budget. Whether you have a last-minute guest coming, a teenager growing out of their bed or it’s time to upgrade to something special Makin Mattresses has a mattress to suit.

Additionally, to complete your new mattress, they have bed bases and bed heads in 3 fashionable colours, bed frames and linen. Makin Mattresses has nine stores Australia-wide and six manufacturing sites. Create your dream sleep with Makin Mattresses in the Hunter – you’ll find the showroom on the corner of Friesian Close and Jersey Avenue in Sandgate.

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