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WALLSEND - Rich in History, Young in Spirit

Fascinating, united, community-centric, rich in history – this is Wallsend. The importance of Wallsend is not always apparent to those who live outside the area with its name more often than not associated with the town's ability to produce excellent football teams and players. But, its development and importance to the region were once so much more than this.

The original inhabitants, the Awabakal people, called the area now known as Wallsend "Nikkinba" – the place of the coals and was no doubt part of their traditional hunting grounds owing to the fish, game and native vegetable being plentiful. As a coal-mining centre, Wallsend coal equalled the best there was, and its development played a critical role in the early development of Newcastle as a port. So important was Wallsend as an industrial hub, that at one point in time its population equalled that