The Top 5 Bucket-List Trip-Trends for 2019


Walking Through Cherry Blossoms Everyone knows that the cherry blossom season is a magical sight to see in Japan, but did you know that you can also enjoy this magical display of beauty in South Korea?  Follow 'Dream Road' in South Korea as you hike and weave through lush forests bursting with soft cherry blossoms.

Raw Namibia Go telemetry tracking for lions, elephants and leopards. Walk with caracals and go behind the scenes of the Leopard Conservation Fund. Join San Bushmen around their evening fire and listen to their traditional stories about the stars, animals, galaxies and the universe. Go on a bush hunt with the Ju'hoan hunters, collecting bush foods of berries, tubers, honey and small animals.

Hidden Iran A world away from the cities and deserts of Iran is the beautiful Alborz Mountains. Rising up from the Caspian Sea, a lesser explored region beckons. Experience a glimpse into a quieter, greener and more traditional side of Iran. Experience warm hospitality and excellent local cuisine.

Ambunti Crocodile Festival The Sepik River hosts some of the world’s largest saltwater and freshwater crocodile population’s and the richness of life in this area is celebrated during the WWF supported festival. This is your opportunity to witness this region of Papua New Guinea, where humanity has frozen in time.

Reindeer Tribes of Mongolia Your visit to the reindeer herding people plays an important role to help them and their culture survive. Although very few travellers venture into this realm, our tourism initiative provides them with a supplemental income and cultural exchange education for both our travellers and local Tsaachin people. To spend time with these people is remarkable and brimming with cultural practices that provide a deep insight into this fascinating way of life.


Top: Crooked Compass Founder Lisa, with Shark Tank’s Naomi Simson experiencing Mongolia




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