Jet Flight Simulator

December 4, 2018


Have you ever wanted to feel what it is like to captain a 737? Here is your chance to virtually experience the thrill of being in control of the most popular plane in the world, and no experience is needed. Choose your favorite airport or city to take off from. Just before take-off you will be briefed on the primary controls, instruments and procedures necessary to be ready for take-off. After permission from Air Traffic Control you will accelerate the plane down the runway and take-off!


During your flight you will be fully immersed in your experience. You will be managing your airspeed, altitude and watching your heading whilst monitoring any other air traffic. The wide array of screens and indicators will also need to be monitored.


  • 737 simulator experience

  • Gift vouchers available

  • No experience needed (kids 6+)

  • Payment over the phone

  • Bring up to 4 passengers for FREE

  • 22,000 destinations

  • Fly alongside an experienced instructor

  • By appointment only

  • Buy now, book later  

Enter this link to receive 50% off discount! 
or call 1300-SIM-FLIGHT (1300-746-354)


30min= $69 (was $199)
60min= $109 (was $339)
90min= $159 (was $439)
120min= $189 (was $499)

AGES 6+, No Experience Needed

BOOKING By appointment only

ADDRESS 1 Tudor St, Newcastle 

PHONE 1300 746 354.

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