December Horoscopes

December 3, 2018


Astrologer TANYA OBREZA on what’s in the stars this month! TANYA was born in Slovenija and emigrated to Australia with her parents as a young girl. It was during her first visit to England that Tanya was introduced to astrology, and in 1980 she gained her London Faculty of Astrological Studies qualifications. Over the years, Tanya has established an extensive and wide-ranging international following, mostly due to her reassuring, down to earth presence



22 November – 21 December

Here’s a year when old patterns are broken, and new friendships and interests are developed. Powerful affirmations – “I can…”, “I succeed…” become your mantras. You realise that some old habits have to go, including things and people. But there’s no hurry - all should be done at a gradual, graceful pace. By the end, the only surviving situations will be those of your choosing. In the meantime, enjoy your birthday season. Month’s end brings a time for raiding the sales. Don’t be shy about spending a few dollars – you deserve it, guilt-free. For now, you need only exert yourself in the pursuit of pleasure. 

22 December - 19 January
Endless conflict has chipped away at many a Capricorn spirit. Not so now. Despite feeling tired, you should find this a triumphant month. No longer the victim, you’ll be mounting sharper defences. Professionally, you’re better able to make the right choices. Should love interests mount a sneak attack, relax – it’s all friendly fire. Travel, too, will bring surprises. It looks like a fabulous festive season ahead.


20 January - 18 February
Saturn might try to send your financial confidence into a spin, but Jupiter helps lift your spirits. If you’re wondering what could make life happier, think love and friendship – just the thing for the festive season. Be aware, though, that others may not be honest with financial facts and it’s up to you to prise the truth out of them. This could call for a degree of cunning and patience. It may take until the new year to see the real figures. 



19 February – 20 March
Chances are you have a host of unfinished projects that are ready to be trashed. Great timing, as the cosmos offers exciting new starts for the new year. You become more ambitious, with a growing awareness of your talents. In doing so, unacceptable conditions are no longer tolerated. Just don’t assume authority on every topic. It’s a sure bet someone with more knowledge will call your bluff. Meanwhile, holiday travel looks likely.


21 March - 20 April
Everything needs a great finale, including a year like 2018. It’s been a troubling time, but you’re now resolved to grab a flourishing future. Your determination sets off a chain reaction for success. There’s every chance that you’ll secure a long-lasting alliance – whether it’s romantic or platonic is up to you. Meanwhile, celebrate the season. This is your reward time, so enjoy a little financial flamboyance or travel.



21 April – 20 May
Your imagination’s firing and so is your energy. Just make sure that the left-hand knows what the right one is doing. Relationship conflicts can bring the chance to express unresolved anger. First, check whether you’ve been fed fact or fiction – you may not have the full story. During the festive season, grab whatever romance you can. Daily concerns continue to be demanding, but a carnally charged Taurean is unstoppable.

21 May – 21 June
The pursuit of happiness can be difficult. Still, it shouldn’t stop you from having fun. Whether you’re exploring romance or being flirtatious, this month Geminis are ready to take wilder risks. Unfortunately, it’s not all play. By the new year, you’re jostled back into the workforce. Meanwhile, the festive season couldn’t be a better time to disconnect the autopilot and feel the thrill of free-fall. 


22 June - 22 July
Expect some trickery in the heavens early in the month. Confusing emotions plague early December, as do erratic desires. It’s not until the festivities start that a hint of confidence enables you to regain control. Ask for what you want; it’s counterproductive to feign satisfaction. Early in 2019, look forward to substantial changes at work and home. Meanwhile, you may as well surrender what’s left of your finances to the silly season.


23 July - 22 August 
With another year coming to an end, Leos are granted the right to reflect. Rather than move forward, you’re likely to pore over past mistakes. Don’t be so hard on yourself. With hindsight, these “mistakes” were probably blessings in disguise. If you see this as a chance to lay old demons to rest, you can resolve grievances rather than let them fester. Then allow yourself a few weeks to just relax and have fun. Enjoy the festivities ahead. 


23 August - 22 September
Approach December with cautious optimism. Go with the flow, but don’t try to force a spirit that’s not there. If you have urgent work to complete, do so before the Christmas break: it will gain you the credit you deserve. But if still left wondering whether or not you’re on the right track, don’t worry - answers come when you least expect them. Elsewhere, someone from the past stirs things up. 


23 September - 22 October
Slow down, Libra. December asks that you let some of that stress fall away. You should rediscover the art of play, and just before all the Christmas madness starts, you can expect finances to improve. If so, don’t deny yourself a few luxuries. The same applies to love. You may find a karmically linked soul but watch your expectations. The higher you place a friend or lover on a pedestal, the further they have to fall.  


23 October – 21 November
Scorpios are famous for their stubborn streak, which only eases when cooperation is absolutely essential. As compromise isn’t your top priority at the moment, expect some heated discussions. Though the planets counsel a degree of care, you want to throw caution to the festive wind. Just as well your money sector is cashed up – and finances look plentiful – even if some is borrowed.


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