• MICHELLE MEEHAN - Features Writer


The Olive Tree Market is set to launch their summer market series with four big dates in November and December. Each market will feature a unique line-up of over 150 stalls, music and entertainment, with new high profile creatives headlining each event.

Creative duo Chris and Camila of Eggpicnic are one stall not to miss. What started as a meeting of creative minds, Eggpicnic has become an iconic arts studio who create quality products, including fine art prints and toys, while educating people about wildlife conservation. “We are a bridge, between the wild and humans, between NGOs and citizens, and between science and art,” says Camila.

Their work aims to capture the beauty of the natural world, with the hope of inspiring others to protect it. They create characters that tread a fine line between art, design and cartoon.

“We began fusing design and conservation to talk