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Gain Freedom - From Public Speaking Anxiety

Do you notice that just the thought of having to do a presentation or to speak in public can turn your stomach into knots? Do you have heart palpitations and sweaty palms? Do you feel as if your brain has frozen and thoughts won’t convert into words?

You are not alone. Thousands of people experience public speaking stress and anxiety every day, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You might exude confidence in other areas of your life, yet if you are asked to stand and present to a group of people, that confidence goes out the window and a shy and awkward different part of you takes over.

I was once one of those people. Before I had a career change and became a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I was a National Sales Manager for a multinational company in Sydney. I can recall presenting at conferences to a crowd of people and feeling a wave of dread washing over me. I was fine after the event, but during the speech, I would be secretly wishing for the ground to open up and swallow me.

So what did I do? I saw a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Sydney. Under hypnosis, my mind went back to a moment when I was 10. I was standing on the stage at The Junction Demonstration School (yes I have returned home) delivering my “I want to be school captain” speech. I was so confident that I chose not to refer to my written speech. Guess what? I froze. The words and sentences that I had practised and memorised had now disappeared. There on the stage in front of the school, stood a once cocky 10-year-old boy. And I had nowhere to hide. That moment must have had an impact because I can recall many times after that event where in high school, socially and in business, I would become anxious if asked to present.

And like many of the clients who I have helped to put anxiety into the past, I also asked: “why didn’t I see a hypnotherapist earlier?”

So what does the hypnotherapist do in this situation? I hold the view that for every experience in life, your unconscious mind will store the memory of that event, the learning from that event, and if that event is either significant or traumatic, then we will also store the emotion from that event. It is the emotion that the unconscious mind uses as a reference point. When the client is in a trance, I will be asking the client’s unconscious mind to release the emotion from the troubling events and to anchor the understanding that the client is now safe. The problem is now over. It is in the past. The client is now safe to proceed in life with memories and learnings, and having no negative emotional attachment to those past memories. The client is giving themselves a software upgrade. The old bugs and glitches are now in the past.

Over three sessions of hypnotherapy and NLP, I will help the client to:

  • Put anxiety into the past.

  • Be more confident and aware of words, tonality and the power of body language.

  • Gain a working understanding of breath control, pausing and emphasis.

  • Learn to present from the heart.

Are you ready to speak with calm confidence? To help people deal with this problem, we have created a - Session Public Speaking Confidence program for $399. Check out the website for payment options. You might also want to check the range of self-hypnosis MP3s on Spotify and iTunes by searching Cameron Hypnotics. Health Fund rebates apply where applicable.

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