• Chloe O'Sullivan | On Tour with the Kid

Far from Perfect, Thankfully

I sat at Melbourne Airport and watched the wind howl at high speeds. The windsock is staying at a consistent 90 degrees from its pole. I’m a nervous flyer anyway with a vivid imagination, so did all I could to take my mind off the thought of turbulence that I knew would make me lose my lunch. Bit my nails, ate my body weight in chocolate and played a lively game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with the kid.

This all came after my planned flight at 6.15am the previous morning was cancelled with less than 12 hours’ notice with no real explanation, on my birthday (this is where you feel sorry for me). This meant that all the plans I had made including lifts from the airport, spending my birthday with my extended family and having two days at home to prepare for the kid to head back