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July 10, 2018


Expeditions and Explorers (7-13yo) Wed 11 July, 10am-1pm: Ed Wright
Write stories that venture into the dangerous, mythical or unknown, whether by spaceship, boat, or magic carpet. Explore new territories and test your character’s survival skills and powers of description as they overcome obstacles and encounter the wonder of new worlds.

Me and My Machines (6-12yo) Fri 13 July, 10am-1pm: Ed Wright
A chance to be your own mad inventor. Invent machines, think about how you might make them a run away success, then show what happens when the best inventions go completely pear-shaped. A fun workshop with several different kinds of writing to explore.

Loud Macaws and Muddy Paws (6-10yo) Wed 18 July, 10am-1pm: Jess Black
Join Jess as she takes you on a rollicking journey to create stories about her favourite subject – animals! Discover how to inject humour, surprise, suspense and loving characters into your stories.

One Lost Bag (6-13yo) Fri 20 July, 10am- 1pm: Jess Black
What would you do if you found a lost bag full of interesting objects and treasures? What clues could the contents tell you about the owner? Writers observe details about the world just like detectives. In this mystery writing workshop you’ll create characters, describe settings, plot an exciting story and start writing your own mystery.

WORKSHOPS $80 (bring a brother/sister/ friend or sign up for 2 classes, 2 for $140)
DETAILS Suite 51, Level 1, 164-170 Hunter Street. Email: Phone 0408 788 765. Away for the holidays? Talk to Ed to organise in school, before school or after school workshops during term time.

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