Astrologer TANYA OBREZA on what’s in the stars this month.



June 22 to July 22
Look forward to a courageous year.  The Sun in your personal sector this month is the wake-up call you need – you finally stop putting other people’s needs before your own. July and August are stellar for doing deals, so get your money-making schemes off the ground. Your competitive spirit becomes more aggressive, but this serves you well.  You delight in your new-found ability to hustle. Early spring brings powerful urges to alter your life’s direction radically.  And it’s not all work. By summer, you have plenty to celebrate as the cosmos sings your praises in love, money and pleasures.  Matters of the heart result in a merging of souls.  


July 23 to August 22
Money is a top priority for most Leos, so you’ll undoubtedly take umbrage at a sudden lack of purchasing power.  Don’t fret – next month, cash flow greatly improves.  In the meantime, be gentle with yourself.  You’ve been through an emotional spell lately, and have had little rest.  Allow the less important issues of life to drop away and let self-pampering take priority.  Treat your body well, and it will pay you back in kind.  



August 23 to September 22
Think back on your life and remember a time when the stresses of life didn’t weigh you down.  Recall the joy of just being alive.  Somewhere, at some time –- you’ve felt this.  If you haven’t been feeling that way lately, know that you can again. Think about how you could make changes that allow you to take time out – enough time for a well-earned break or perhaps a few weeks of annual leave?  



September 23 to October 22

Not everyone’s feeling helpful at the moment.  If you’re waiting on a promise, check it’s still scheduled for delivery.  What’s more, this isn’t the best time to adopt a “no news is good news” philosophy.  If you’re not being kept informed, find out why.  After the 22nd, life gets a pleasant nudge in the right direction – more so, financially.   Use this time to catch up with old friends or pamper with spa treatments.  



October 23 to November 21
The cosmos encourages you to travel this month.  Finances also enjoy a good run.  Social events and work are fertile hunting grounds for singles, while for couples, love promises greater understanding.  Expect unusual opportunities; so don't be shy about performing in public.  Equally, writing or the media look set to grab your attention.  It’s a memorable month, Scorpio – so make it count.  



November 22 to December 21
July begins with an adrenaline surge.  Passions run strong as an opinionated cosmos provokes power struggles or stress.  It’s important, though, that you find a way to express what’s bothering you.  Nothing positive comes from suppressing hidden feelings.  After the 25th, the Sun offers an abundance of new opportunities –- perhaps prompting intriguing invitations both at work and at home.  Some singles strike it lucky in love.



December 22 to January 19
When major planetary forces move into your sector of work, you’re bound to soar.  The cosmos is finally propelling you in the right direction, and single-minded Capricorns realise intent and determination are what it takes to make it to the top. Developments involving money, property or business ventures are beyond anything you’d imagined. The best news?  The welcome break at the end of the month.  You deserve it.   



January 20 to February 18

As an Aquarian, you believe in miracles, so welcome the amazing events that are coming your way but don’t become complacent.  Although you may be riding a wave of optimism, the currents can become unpredictable – so pay attention to details.  Also be prepared to jettison old baggage for new opportunities.  Money shouldn’t be too much of a problem, so you can afford to work and play hard.



February 19 to March 20
Common sense proves to be your biggest ally this month when you’re asked to be more giving in your approach to life and love.  Children draw out your nurturing tendencies, or close friends and family request a helping hand.  If that means putting up with minor gripes, so be it.  You now have heavenly support.  Romantic prospects are electrifying, though stability can’t be assured.



March 21 to April 20
Charm rules and you seem to have the upper hand.  But is it that simple?  The answer lies in what you really want.  Thanks to sexy Venus, July runs hot with passion.  Lust at first sight is on the cards, as is rekindling a tepid partnership.  But unless you’re selective, it will be hard to maintain a meaningful match – and that’s what you want the most.  Nonetheless, if someone is complicating simple issues – stay solo.  



April 21 to May 20
July is all about sticking to what you know best.  Mars emphasises routine, so work with what’s familiar.  You’ll make up for lost time soon enough.  In the meantime, negotiations may not proceed as smoothly as planned.  Don’t exaggerate the facts, as this can cause misunderstandings.  Use tact, and your natural Taurean charm when faced with dilemmas. Compromise and be prepared to listen to others.



May 21 to June 21
Romance makes its mark in many ways in July.  Some fall head over heels.  Others reach a watershed.  Either way, Gemini hearts beat with a new intensity.  Singles have their flings but also consider commitment.  Couples are more willing to offer mutual support.   All in all, it’s a month when the planets give you an easier time of it.  Just keep your luxuries affordable.

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