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Are You Ready To Get Rid of Your Blank Walls?

Alongside lighting, colour and soft furnishings, art is an important element for creating a finished look in any room. The sensation we feel when entering a room and our reaction to the surroundings and environment play an important role in affecting our moods, so think about the psychology when choosing art for a happier space.

Of course, Art is in the eyes of the beholder and can be expressed in many ways - colour, content and texture all play an important role in expression, so select art you love. At insideout we will help you see many options that will complement your interior, create a mood for you to enjoy and prevent you from making any expensive mistakes.

Art can be in the form of anything used to fill a space. It creates a focal point which draws the eyes to first take in the piece itself, then allows flow so that your eyes come to see the room as a whole. Art used in this way helps to ground your room and encourages everything else in the room to look like it belongs. Wallpaper, rugs, sculptures or hanging art can be the hero of a room giving it an artistic flair. Choosing Art to be a focal point is a little different than “choosing art” – consider the following:

The art we hang on our walls will affect your mood and reaction to space - make sure the content you choose gives you a positive feeling.

Colour is a very powerful tool for creating a mood. For example, blues are associated with calmness, freshness and relaxation, while greens and greys in the correct hue will mix harmoniously to add more interest.

Too many similar pieces can be quiet boring, so add in a few textural pieces that work together.

If the colours or subject of the art clashes with the rest of the room it will feel disturbing. Try to use complementary colours that work.

Don’t forget to leave the correct amount of white space between the pieces so your eyes can take in each piece and flow on to the next (especially when creating a gallery wall).

Wallpaper and rugs – don’t rule out these two options to be the centre of attention. Our wallpaper murals need to be seen to be believed, and rugs can be designed in any pattern or colour (and even hung on the wall).

A current trend in using art for effect is to create a gallery wall. It’s not as easy as it looks to create a gallery wall with flow, so follow these steps and tips to create your perfect wall:


  1. Lay all artworks on the floor so you can move them around easily first;

  2. Put a tape measure on the floor to give you an idea of the area you have to work within;

  3. Leave space between art or photos so the eye can take in each piece;

  4. Once happy with your combination and shape take a photo from above and use it as a template;

  5. Removable velcro strips can be used if your pieces aren’t too heavy.


  • Your gallery wall should look like one large art piece put together thoughtfully.

  • A gallery wall can be painted in some of the beautiful shades of deeper charcoals or inky blues – then use gold framed art to give a glamorous or luxurious look.

  • Don’t use too many clashing colours, this will look messy, but if everything matches it will lack personality and look ‘flat’. So find your happy medium.

  • Try black and white with photographs interspersed with art pieces to add interest. This monochrome look is very sophisticated and timeless.

If you still feel you need some expert advice, call into the store where you will find not only a fabulous range to choose from but loads of assistance from our friendly team. We will help you fill your walls and create something you will enjoy every time you enter your room. For more details visit

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