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Lifehack Your Small Bathroom for a Bigger Feel

When renovating a small bathroom, trying to make everything fit in the available space can be like playing Tetris. However, there are some simple tips and tricks to help declutter and create the illusion of extra space in a compact bathroom.

Hang It Up - If you have a small vanity, opting for wall mounted taps will allow for a narrower sink, giving you a wider walkway so you can stand comfortably while brushing your teeth. Designed to be extremely compact, wall hung basins can fit in the smallest areas to ultimately free up floor space.

Mirrors are a Must - The right mirror can almost magically broaden the size of a room, regardless if no other alterations have been made - so don’t be afraid to expand the size of your mirror. Whether it’s from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, or a statement mirror, installing mirrored cabinets are a fantastic way to increase storage while reflecting light and creating that sought-after perception of greater scope.

Ditch the Cistern - Floor pan toilets with concealed in-wall cisterns have become very popular due to their practicality and sleek look. With the cistern hidden behind a wall structure, you’ll be able to save a few extra centimetres for more legroom. To create an expansive bathroom feel, opt for a wall hung toilet - they take up zero floor space and are also easier to clean.

Clear and Frameless - Skip the door and opt for a frameless glass panel shower screen. With no visual barriers, your bathroom will feel much more spacious with a new age look as well. If you’re running low on wall space for a towel rack, think about mounting a towel bar on the shower screen - you’ll save room and your towel will always be close by, post-shower.

Go Big or Go Home - By incorporating large tiles and patterns into a small bathroom, it tricks the eye into seeing extensive latitude. With less grouting and lines to break up the visual, your bathroom will appear broader with a higher ceiling.

Keep It Simple and Neutral - Avoid bold colours and keep the colour palette of your bathroom fairly white and neutral. Light coloured floor and walls always make a room seem larger than it actually is. If you’re looking to add some colour, pastel tones are a great option, or you could opt for a bold splash of colour with your choice in the bathroom accessories, such as towels, bath mat, soap dispenser or toothbrush holder.

Smart Lighting, Spacious Living - Lighting can sometimes be an overlooked component when designing a bathroom, however, when it’s done right, the right choice in illumination can create a much bigger feel to cluttered space. Try flush mounted ceiling lights for the perception of greater space or add lighting around the vanity to brighten up that area - a lighted mirror or tape lighting on cabinets and vanity tops will do the trick.

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