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21 April - 20 May
Last year was a long, hard slog. Too many broken promises, too much pressure. No more. The planets push for no less than unbridled hope and happiness! The sky’s the limit this year; you’re ready to step into the spotlight. As you race up the ladder of success, you won’t be lonely at the top. Friends, family, partners and colleagues all rally for you. Romance becomes more exciting, and whether you’re exploring a full-time passion or simply flirting, Taureans are ready to take risks. But it’s not all fun and games; your ambitions also get a chance to shine. Towards winter, it’s all about knuckling down and getting the job done. A final note: if you’re forced to abandon a dream in June, don’t worry - another will soon replace it.

21 May - 21 June
Geminis now choose to explore their inner psyche and professional ideals. Ambitions are challenged as you wonder how much effort they’re really worth. It’s not that life has lost its glow. Quite the opposite, as your spiritual integrity shines through. Loved ones also settle into a more contented mood, mostly because you’re more predictable. Romance looks equally sublime.


22 June - 22 July
More than one planet stands ready to defy fate in your name, setting in motion an unusual chain of events. Call it a coincidence, but there’s a chance you’ll receive professional acclaim in May because you recognise opportunities that others miss. Around the new moon on the 15th, an estranged partner may be ready to return to your embrace. The question is, will you be equally thrilled?


23 July - 22 August
The pace slows a little this month. While Leos love a break, they don’t enjoy disruption to their routine. Should the new moon halt plans around the 15th, don’t try to speed things up or you may jeopardise future opportunities. While waiting for your own ventures to get back on track, offer to help friends or family. The favour will eventually be returned ten-fold.


23 August - 22 September
Chances are you’ve just come through a challenging period. You now regain your usual ambition, Virgo. So dust off confusion and settle into a happier May. Once you regain a sense of balance, you’ll also regain control. Be proud that you’ve emerged as a triumphant, more selfreliant individual. You’d be amazed at what such confidence can do for your life. Love, a surprise gift or some extra cash, perhaps?


23 September - 22 October
Cosmic forces allow you to reclaim your destiny. There will still be the occasional hurdle. Romantically, make your move after the 9th - when there’s a better chance of success. Soon after, the planets instigate financial changes. If you’re hoping to finalise negotiations, make sure any agreement is committed to ink. Not everyone is trustworthy this month - tread warily where tricksters may lie.


23 October - 21 November
Drop all duties and enjoy. If wondering where to focus your attention, love seems the obvious answer as May holds enough romantic fireworks to light up the sky. Fun is the keyword here, especially if you offload your deeper inhibitions. Do this, and you’re well positioned to dedicate body and soul to relationships. But it’s not all about satisfying carnal desires this month - finances skyrocket too.


22 November - 21 December
Don’t let life get to you, Sagittarius. Sometimes things just go awry. Hot topics include intimacy and trust. Mars also introduces unwelcome rivals. Add a suspicious Sun, and the result brings a feisty quality to relationships. Perhaps a partnership has become one-sided - with one doing all the giving. If so, it’s time for new ground rules. In the meantime, keep yourself at a safe distance from known troublemakers.


22 December - 19 January
Life becomes more relaxed as your personal planets focus on fun. If single, friends become a great source of introductions. Intimacies take on a gentler tone for coupled Capricorns whose personal affairs have been tense lately. Thanks to Venus, activities increasingly relate to the arts and media. This cosmic influence isn't just limited to social activities; you’re also more skilful at a corporate level.


20 January - 18 February
Someone is encouraging you to spread your wings and fly. The trouble is, Aquarians don’t like taking instruction from anyone, even if it’s for your own good. Perhaps a few days break would enable you to reflect from a distance. Still, getting away may not be easy. If asked to stay back, and tend to someone’s needs, don’t oblige out of guilt. Sainthood is a tiring road to follow.


19 February - 20 March
You’re full of fighting spirit this month. Emotions will swing between sassiness and rage, but life is about constant change. The week after the 15th holds the promise of success, with one dream finally receiving recognition. You’re never short of great ideas, Pisces - but many of them are just unworkable. Not so now. Late May brings a work-hard-play-hard kind of time. Enjoy all that’s ahead.


21 March - 20 April
The sun’s move into your money sector is a strong indicator of economic advances. But a mischievous cosmos may cause some delays. Best bet: reduce your debts and cut expenses. There’s also a romantic detour - perhaps you’ll be mixing business with pleasure. Singles could meet a sexy significant other, while couples enjoy stronger commitment.

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