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Six Incredible Ways POWERCAMP Will Get You to Your Goal!

By now I am sure we have all heard about the benefits of becoming fit and healthy. Where people get lost at times is understanding why we should be exercising and how to go about getting results. This is how the concept of PowerCamp at Planet Fitness and Urth Fitness came about. We have always had group fitness, but some members still wanted more, and this was how PowerCamp was born - a functional group fitness workout programmed by our head coach Vicki.

The concept is to create a balanced progressive exercise program for those wanting more from their training sessions. What does balance even mean? It means each week the program is varied, so you have a strength, cardiovascular and core workout each day that still allows you to train hard again tomorrow with a new workout.

So you might be asking, is this too difficult for me? Short answer – no! We have people of all fitness levels come in and smash their goals. You can start from your current level and build a program that offers you unlimited potential to progress your fitness.

One of the greatest results we have seen from developing this training system over the years is the community that has grown around it. We have “PowerCamper’s” going away on holidays with each other, having coffee and lunch together. Then when it comes to our Planet Games days (PowerCamp's competition day), you can see the bond they all share when everyone is cheering and encouraging their peers on.

Enough about what PowerCamp is and more about how it can help you!

Fitness - Do you want to be able to run around with your kids, or be able to go for that afternoon run without feeling like you were going to die? Then PowerCamp can help you with this! The workouts are designed to make you cardio fit and quicker then you can imagine. Can’t run? Never fear we have ski ergs and rowers to increase your fitness.

Strength - We have seen our members go from barely lifting the bar to being able to squat their body weight (that means their body weight on the bar on their back). At the beginning of each PowerCamp session, a strength movement is performed. For example, Monday might be squats: 3 sets of 10 repetitions, Tuesday might be deadlifts and so on. This has been designed so in a week's worth of training you have evenly hit all parts of your body strength wise. What's also interesting is each week the sets and reps change to work on different forms of strength.

Functionality - When we go to the gym, it's great to become fit and strong, but sometimes a normal gym program leaves us stiff and sore. An amazing facet of PowerCamp is that the movements that make us functionally fit also make everyday life that little bit easier - from doing the washing to playing sport.

Balance and Stability - Often overlooked and not thought about is the importance of balance and stability in an exercise program. PowerCamp provides an avenue for you to work on this while getting fit, as the nature of the beast incorporates dynamic functional movements and not to mention develops our core, which has much to do with our balance.

Fun - We can all get serious with our training, which is important. Here at PowerCamp, we train hard, but before, after and sometimes inbetween you’ll see smiles and hear laughs. Then when we look at the exercise program, the variety brings a freshness keeping everyone engaged and enjoying his or her experience.

Community - Coming to the gym can at times be demotivating at times; this is where our PowerCamp can come into a new level of support. Not only do you have our trainers here to help you through each moment, but the other PowerCamper’s support and friendship.

If you would like to know more about our PowerCamp classes, come down to Urth Fitness so we can show you all we have to offer you!

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