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UON Professor Crowned Australia’s Top Researcher

Global authority in neurogastroenterology and University of Newcastle (UON) Laureate Professor Nicholas Talley is Australia’s most cited academic, a new report from Google Scholar confirms.

Professor Talley is leading the world neurogastroenterology research and is an authority on incurable functional gut disorders that affect more than one in five Australians. His recent work linking the gut as a major driver of anxiety and other changes in the brain has contributed to a paradigm shift in the way we understand how the gut interacts with the brain. This new approach may eventually unlock new therapies not just for gut conditions, but also for intractable neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s.

“Most research is incremental, but without the small gains the big discoveries will never happen. I’m lucky to work with a great multidisciplinary team – we take observations made in the clinic back to the laboratory to help define new disease pathways that then have the potential to lead to new tests or therapies. We’re working hard to rapidly turn our research discoveries into better treatments for patients.”

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