January 22, 2018


Astrologer TANYA OBREZA on what’s in the stars this month.



22 December - 19 January
This is a month to be noticed. Demand recognition, and if others try to derail your efforts - challenge them tactfully. Resist being too blunt and, more importantly - have your facts straight. Enhance your talents at work, develop new ones and seize each opportunity for success. Romantically, happier bonds offer loving relief.  Don’t rule out travel.

20 January - 18 February
Yours is a straight-down-the-line zodiac sign - never afraid to tell it like it is. You want, and deserve, only the very best. And, this year, you intend to get it. From the start of your birthday, you’re given planetary permission to take what’s yours. The cosmos also introduces playfulness, as well as the kind of good fortune that affords a few luxuries. Even in your love life, you dare to be different. When it comes to work and study, you also start to look at the bigger picture. Aims soar much higher. By year’s end - so do you.


19 February - 20 March
You’ve been burning the candle at both ends. The end result? Nervous tension and exhaustion. You can’t keep treating your body as if it’s a machine or pretty soon, some cogs could come loose. Delegate, Pisces. Take that over-due holiday. In any case, some retrospection and rest are needed before your upcoming birthday season. That’s when you get to play!


21 March - 20 April
Half of the zodiac might be ready to selfdestruct, that doesn’t mean you have to join the queue. Most problems arise through noone’s willingness to back off, so it’s up to you to lead by example. After the 16th is a great time to arrange meetings and start negotiations. Meanwhile, Venus is networking on your behalf - so make the most of new introductions.


21 April - 20 May
When it comes to fighting spirit, you’re fully armed this month. As you become more willing to try anything new, solutions to old problems surface. Determined and optimistic, you seize life’s opportunities and with this energy comes an uncompromising demand for recognition. Just don’t be so wrapped up in your own affairs that family feels neglected.


21 May - 21 June
The full moon brightens your communications sector on the 1st, bringing closure to a longstanding issue. A friend comes clean about a secret issue. Once the facts are faced, everyone will feel better. After the 12th the Sun links arms with visionary Venus. This coupling is breathtaking, and creativity surges to new levels. Bring projects to fruition before someone else does.


22 June - 22 July
Sexy Venus holds a lot of clout for some weeks yet, so enjoy it. Most can expect a little extra cash and a lot more loving. Changes at home also keep you on your toes. Though you can be a workaholic, home is far more alluring this month, and you’re in the mood to redecorate. There’s nothing like an expensive distraction to keep you happy.


23 July - 22 August
February encourages co-operation. Mix a little tact with a lot of ambition, and you have a sure-fire recipe for success. Bear in mind, though, that there are promises, and there are “maybes.” If you’re planning to renege on something, you will do well to know the difference. It would be courteous, too, to consult those party to any arrangements. Fair’s fair.


23 August - 22 September
February brings a more relaxed mood, so catch up on daily chores. Life starts to make more sense and communication becomes easier. The planets also stir up a hunger for knowledge, so expect some study or travel. Even if this isn’t feasible, there should be more happiness in your life. Romance is high on the agenda. For couples, it’s about making joint plans.


23 September - 22 October
You don’t think the same way others do, and those used to this should know better than to try to force your hand. Occasionally we’re ushered down a new path where old allies and interests fall by the wayside. Changes like this mostly work in our favour. But we may not realise their importance until later. By then, you’re usually grateful for the guidance.


23 October - 21 November
Your lust for life can occasionally run over budget, and you’re probably picking up the tab for your own, or another’s spending. There’s nothing like financial woes to try a relationship. At work, if unexpected changes occur - don’t fret: Uranus provides enough fuel to help you last the distance. Just don’t take shortcuts, or you’ll hit a dead end.


22 November - 21 December
With power-hungry Mars energising Sagittarians, there are few obstacles you can’t overcome. Charisma, love and money are overflowing. While others are reeling from the current lunar and solar eclipse, you’re thriving. If you’ve been waiting for the right time for a fresh start, do so after the 16th. Seize opportunities - no matter how bizarre they may seem.

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