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I have just recently returned from Africa. Natural textures, earthy terracotta and bright colours of the Massai were wonderful sights to see in this beautiful landscape. The safari lodges filled with natural textures and fibres used in rugs, mud cloth fabrics, baskets, art and sculptural pieces made from timber. Organic looking timber furniture, inlaid bone can already be seen here in Australia. I also noticed a lot of items made from miniature glass beads and recycled glass. Love the recycled large glass beads. Lamps made from antlers and shades made from ostrich feathers. Art to reflect the African way of life and textural pieces to hang on the walls.

Back at home, I am looking at ways we can bring a tribal influence into our homes without going all the way. Pieces to add interest and texture that are missing from many interiors. A lot of these influences go with a coastal look, the baskets and carved timber fish we have in store from Africa will sit well with a natural organic interior.

FABRICS - beautiful patterned fabrics are available through our store showing tribal designs in earthy textures and colours. Make custom cushions or upholster an ottoman to add a hint of Africa to a neutral décor. Why not make an interesting bed head? The choice is yours, and we are here to help.

RUGS - I now have a renewed love of the natural jute we have sold for a few years. A lot of lodges had these rugs on a stone floor, and they have held up exceptionally well. Natural jute is a great way to add texture if you want to keep your pallet natural and neutral. We have found some beautiful jute rugs that have a natural rubber backing. This means no tiny break away fibres and dirt under the rug. They vacuum well and are great insulators on concrete or timber floors. (Interesting to note, jute is a natural fibre, and the colour depends on when it has been harvested, summer or winter, so not all rugs will be identical)

BASKETS - hand-woven baskets, large and small. I have bought a few to add to our store. Baskets are a great decorative item that can be used to texturise a coastal décor or add to a tribal look. Woven Tonga baskets hung on a wall in natural colours are a lovely alternative to art, and these will also compliment other paintings or photos on your wall. They look great when used on mass in an entry or up a staircase.

ART - art is in the eye of the beholder. There are many choices to achieve a tribal feel. We love to help you find the right piece to compliment your décor. It could range from a beautiful Massai Warrior to a textural necklace or simple natural linen decorated with beads or shells behind a glass frame to give it a more upmarket structured look. These also look great in a coastal home.

FURNITURE - this is what we love to do. Search for that perfect piece to be the hero in your room. Less is best, having a few pieces that stand out is all you need to give a new look to an interior. Making the right choice and in the correct proportion for your space will make all the difference. Use our advice to save expensive mistakes.

Africa is such a beautiful place, and I am glad it introduced me to some beautiful decors in some amazing lodges we stayed at. I hope we have enticed you to call in and ask some questions to help you achieve a look you will love. Visit www.insideoutstyle.com.au

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