September 4, 2017


Astrologer TANYA OBREZA on what’s in the stars this month...



24 August - 22 September
This year is ideal for turning some of your wilder schemes into practical reality, with the first creative shock waves after the new moon in your own sign after the 20th. New skills encourage success, so plough on with innovative ideas or travel plans. When so fervent, trying to relax would be a waste of time. A similar rule applies to romance. With the Sun moving forward, so should you. There’s a good chance of finding a kindred spirit, but don’t push it.

23 September - 23 October
Should September finalise a chapter in your life, take stock and follow up with positive action. If you need to make a break, quit that dead-end job or stand up to troublesome individuals. And there’s much to be said for being in the right place at the right time. Mind you; it’s not always luck. It’s often prior knowledge that gets you there. So stay attentive.


24 October - 22 November
There’s plenty of reason for excitement. Take any professional prominence you’re offered this month. When you choose to shine, you truly sparkle. You have more time to please yourself too, particularly after the new moon on the 20th when the focus shifts away from work. Late September signals play time, offering the right balance between work and play.


23 November - 21 December
September finds you more rebellious, yet ambitious. Radical new ideas and information flow through your mind. You're better able to talk your way in or out of circumstances. Challenges come out of the blue, though rewards can be just as unexpected. Travel, too, should bring surprises. All this, hand in hand, with a delightfully active love life.


22 December - 20 January
Reality takes the form of a cash flow crisis, the kind that threatens to send finances into a spin. Allow your practical side to step in. Someone close may also want you to detour from your own interests in order to hold their hand. If they’re being too intrusive, set them straight. Sometimes, even loved ones have to learn by their own mistakes.


21 January - 18 February
You can finally let out that ever-so-heart-felt sigh of relief. It’s been a traumatic time for you and the world which you so dearly cherish. September is all about forgiving and forgetting. Leave the past where it belongs. Remember: yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery. For now, kick off your heels - and focus on life’s many pleasures.


19 February - 20 March
This month, the world seems kinder. The full moon in your own sign on the 6th dons a wizard’s hat and conjures up love - and it’s not all the romantic variety. Overall, there’s more compassion - and as you become more open, others return the sentiment. But there are also surprises in store, with financial help springing from the most unexpected sources.


21 March - 20 April
For you, it’s either accelerator down or engines off. This month, your foot’s to the floor. As work takes priority until the 20th, you’ll need to draw on deep reserves of energy to keep up the gruelling pace. Increased responsibilities are soon matched by equal rewards. The only pitfall lies in trying to be all things to all people.


21 April - May 20
Determined to outshine the competition? Then make the most of promising work opportunities this month. Having reached an important watershed, you’re now ready to embark on a journey of growing ambition and self-discovery. Also, think back three years. Why is that situation still haunting you? Break free from this buried hurt.


May 21 - 21 June
Nobody knows it all, but we all know something. Sometimes you underestimate just how experienced you are until you meet people totally new to the game. This month could find you bestowing a wealth of welcome advice. Great for your self-confidence as well as someone else’s learning curve. Everyone benefits.


22 June - 22 July
You’ve been staring down a monetary vortex for some time now. However, you can’t claim to have played no part in this. If you’re determined to have one more financial fling this month, fine - but then make some thrifty resolutions. There’s also a salvage job needed regarding relationships. Make amends, and vow never to repeat said mistakes again.


23 July - 23 August
September’s mood is fun and fast. Your shrewd, competitive Leo spirit may show even more of an aggressive edge, but this serves you well. Even when unexpected obstacles challenge your confidence, the cosmos spurs you on. Matters of the heart also improve. Couples become more committed; singles look set to find 

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