Knowing Your Market Goes Handin-Hand with Success


One of the most common challenges small businesses have is the need for more customers. But in order to get more customers, it’s vital to know where your current customers are coming from. Most business owners aren’t measuring the effectiveness of their current marketing (if they do any) and have no idea how their customers end up at their door.

The problem often seen by business coaches, David Crook and Harry Raftos, is that people throw some money at marketing, but they aren’t really sure where they’re getting results from. Business owners often want to jump on board the latest bandwagon whether that be advertising, promoting posts on social media, creating videos which go viral or spending money on a state-of-the-art website. But without getting to know your customers better, the money you sink into marketing could be wasted.


Who are your customers?
One of the most powerful tools to improve your marketing and your sales is to ask your customers how they came across your business. Why did they choose you? This gives you the first piece of the marketing puzzle to be able to create a strategy that’ll get customers coming through your door.


There are many ways to do this and the way you approach it will depend on your business and how you normally communicate with your clients. If you’re a small hairdressing salon, you would have face-to-face time with those customers, so just ask them. If you’re an online business, ask them at the end of the transaction with some sort of web form. Whatever your business, there is a simple way to ask a simple question that adds a whole lot of value to your marketing strategy.


Once you know how your customers found you, it’s time to start thinking about how you can attract more customers. The key here is not to think too extravagantly to start with.


A lot of marketing campaigns can be trial and error, so you don’t want to make them too costly. If your first strategy doesn’t work very well, you can try something else. You can have a couple of campaigns running at the same time and see which one works best.


“Don’t invest $14,000 into a radio campaign when you don’t know if your customers listen to the radio.”


Think about the marketing campaigns you have running now. You could be throwing away hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month out of your business if you’re not measuring what impact your campaign is having on sales.


One of the simplest things you can do to put money back on your bottom line is to stop doing stuff that doesn’t work, start learning what does work and replicate it. Marketing budgets for small companies are already too tight, and you simply don’t have the time or finances for things that don’t work.

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