July 11, 2017

Broth-based soups are not only good for the soul but good for your immune system. Loaded with vegetables and fibre, these soups also play a big role in maintaining a healthy body.


Highly nutritious, low calorie with no unhealthy saturated fats, broth-based soups with an assortment of grains and/or vegetables will keep up your strength while fighting off nasty colds and flu. If bones are included, a good bone broth is rich in minerals to support the immune system with collagen and glutamine helping to heal your gut lining and reduce gut inflammation.

So what are the best winter soups to beat colds and flu?
Chicken soup – has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties and boosts immunity. It also contains cysteine, an amino acid which can thin the mucus in your lungs so you can expel it easier.
Tomato soup – packed full of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and iron, this is a nutrient powerhouse. Make sure you look for a dairy-free recipe, which will help keep mucus down when ill.
Hot and sour soup – chicken soup Chinese style will clear out your sinuses with a good dose of chilli and garlic. These spices will trigger a sudden release of watery fluids in your mouth, throat and lungs, which will help thin down the respiratory mucus, so it's easier to expel.
Garlic and kale soup – immune-boosting combination with antibiotic effects from the garlic with a huge dose of vitamin C from kale.


For best results from your immune-boosting soup make it fresh, as processed, canned soups will not work as well as a slow-cooked homemade version. Make sure to cook a double batch so you can store in the freezer so if the flu strikes you down you have a soup ready to go!

Try Mojo Health’s Hearty Vegetable Soup which will keep you warm over winter! For this and other tasty treats visit www.mojohealth.com.au/recipe

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