Winter CHANGES Our Home, Lifestyle and Décor.


T’is the season we like to stay at home! In winter, home interiors become more personal and important. We like to rush home and curl up amongst the feather filled cushions and throws on our cosy sofa.

The new colours out for 2017 are a great way to change the feel of an interior and add that winter cosiness. The grey-beige (greiges as they have been called) are replacing the whites that are always popular. This neutral can be still very light, and it goes well with the popular greens, navy and earthy tones that are trending. These tones are a trend that you can live with for a long time – way past the winter months.

On a cold winter day, our homes are a preferred destination after a hard day’s work. Creating a cosy atmosphere and warmer feel will help beat “the winter blues.” We tend to hibernate more indoors in the coldest months.

The verdict is still out on the pros and cons of a fabric sofa or a leather one, but my preference is a fabric sofa, as there are so many more fabric options that are both beautiful to sit on and practical.

Our knowledgeable team can direct you to fabrics that are Teflon coated, easily cleaned and feel amazing to sit on. Choose a darker colour for a growing family as this will offer a piece of mind but sometimes not completely necessary. A better quality, well-chosen fabric will look great for a longer length of time and will be easily cleaned. Layer your sofa with feather filled cushions, custom made by insideout to make the most of your décor and bring your desired look together. Finish with a beautiful throw to wrap around you and a lovely fur (faux or real) to add to the feeling of cosiness.

Faux fur or real fur are becoming more popular in our homes. I like to know where our furs come from so they have been ethically sourced. An Icelandic sheepskin, deer hide or cow hide will make an instant makeover. Sheepskin or deer hide thrown over a sofa, chair or on the end of your bed will give an instant touch of luxury and warmth.

Cowhides can be laid over existing rugs to add to the warm feel of a room and to extend the floor covering of your existing rug. Cowhides can be seen in patchwork and decorative patterns, are a very hardy choice for your floors and easily kept clean. If fur isn't something you would consider then try layering your cushions with some velvets and woollen textured cushions or throws. Velvets can also add a touch of luxury and warmth especially if it is a feather filled cushion.

This winter has seen some thicker rugs being introduced to ranges. A shaggy woollen rug with a tribal pattern through it can add to the Nordic charm that is a popular look in our homes. Colours are mostly in creams and charcoals or the reverse, a charcoal rug with a cream pattern. See our new ranges in store.

This month I am writing this article in Alaska! It's no surprise that this is possibly the best place in the world to conjure up images of the intended changes to my own home when I return!

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