Market Disrupters Give SMEs the Tools and the Power to Thrive


PKF Newcastle (PKF) and Momentum Business Improvement Specialists today announced it had launched a new platform giving small business owners access to a dynamic business coaching experience that’s truly affordable.

Small business owners can now easily gain the skills, training, and coaching they need to amplify their business and lifestyle, simply and easily with business coaches and a community ready to help and support them as their business grows and changes.

Many businesses have a need for business coaching, but affordability and accessibility can be road blocks. With traditional coaching costing upwards of $2,000 a month, many business owners have found themselves frozen out of the market and left to fend for themselves. Intrapreneurs, Andrew Beattie, Steve Meyn and Simon Rutherford from PKF collaborated with Momentum Business Improvement Specialists, David Crook, and Harry Raftos to address this issue and support those business owners who want help but just can’t afford to go down the traditional route.

With only 30% of businesses making it past their first two years, Director of PKF Andrew Beattie believes that things need to change.

“Small business owners are already working crazy hours to keep their businesses afloat and to encourage growth. They need help and education, but it needs to be accessible when it suits the business owner and not when it suits the provider. I searched and searched to find a platform that could deliver business coaching and skills development to business owners and their teams on their terms, and I found nothing. This needed to be addressed, and that’s what we’ve done in creating Momentum for Business”.

Momentum for Business is an online business improvement platform, custom-designed for SMEs, accessible anywhere and anytime. Our business coaches, David Crook and Harry Raftos, have over 26,000 hours of business coaching experience and tools and are ready to help you and your team.

“If you’re a business owner, you probably went into business to get a better lifestyle for yourself and your family. What that typically means is two things; more time and more money. We’ve found the reality is that small business owners work longer hours than ever before and they’re not making the sort of money they deserve. Momentum for Business will give business owners help they can apply straight away not some highfalutin theory that they can’t put into practice” Harry said.

For more information about this platform, contact me on 4962 2688 or visit www.momentumforbusiness.com

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