intouch Welcomes TANYA OBREZA... Australia’s International Astrologer

May 1, 2017

Astrologer and Metaphysician Tanya Obreza says many people have the wrong idea about her profession - and her aim is to break down the mystique surrounding astrology and other esoteric subjects.

Tanya says that the first question she’s often asked is “do you really believe in astrology?” Her answer? “No - I don't! That’s because astrology isn’t a religion or faith. Planets are real - they’re up there - so you don’t have to “believe” in them! But I have studied and practised the subject for over 25 years, and have continued to find astrology to be a rewarding and valuable tool for self-awareness and understanding. For the astrologer, the proof that astrology works lies in constant application and, mostly, the accuracy of my work is not confirmed by myself... but from feedback from my clients.

No special gift is required to become an astrologer - only years of study, training and practise (and an interest in others helps!) In the case of planetary transits and progressions - rather than “predict,” I prefer to present the client with a set of possibilities. It is then up to the individual to make the best of them.

It’s often been argued that astrology is unethical because it dispels us of the responsibility we feel for our own behaviour.

Tanya’s feeling is that “no one should be allowed diminished responsibilities for their own decisions. Life is a learning experience, and despite our “given lot” it’s up to each of us to operate in as much of a spiritually informed manner as we can. Despite some grey areas, there is a generally accepted demarcation line between right and wrong, which we alone choose to cross knowingly. Astrology does not hold your fate in its hands - it’s meant to be used as a “guide” or “map” to help increase self-awareness along your individual path in life.”

Tanya has appeared as resident weekly astrologer on Channel 10’s “Monday to Friday” program and contributes on a regular basis Marie Claire Magazine; Gold Coast Bulletin, South Africa’s Sunday Tribune, Prestige and New Zealand’s Sunday News.

Without mentioning them all, Tanya writes a regular weekly horoscope for many newspapers in Australia and overseas.

This month we welcome Tanya to our own pages with her monthly horoscope which we are sure will provide tonnes of insightful advice for our readers. Enjoy!

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