• Jack Everett - Trainer - Planet Fitness Belmont

WINTER WORK Makes Summer Bodies

As the weather turns from long sunny days to days of dark evenings, winter chill and falling rain, the motivation we had for summer slowly starts to fade. Our gym attendance drops as our beds seem like a way more cosy option in the mornings, and the calories in warm comfort food grow causing us to lose the summer bodies we all worked hard to achieve from November to February.

This is the trap that you must not fall into! It is now more than ever that you need to stay motivated, choose healthy stews, soups and get creative with your food. Most people would prefer to be jumping straight into bikinis and boardies in 6 months’ time looking better than this summer and feeling GREAT. To achieve this, here are some steps to help you stay on track through winter:

1. SET GOALS Now it is time to set some goals! Choose