What's Missing in my Room?


Do you ever look at a room and wonder what is missing? Is it colour? Colour on its own won’t make your room pop. You can have a white or very neutral room, and it can look great and feel welcoming.

What your room is missing, is texture!


Texture is the 2D effect and interest that makes your room feel right. Texture is what can make a room pop by enhancing the sense of feel.

Introducing a tactile feel through some of the materials used and images with wallpaper or art will create depth in the room. Texture is what will highlight or hide features, add interest and soften or enrich the whole look you want to achieve.

Just as colour creates a feeling of warmth or coolness in a room, so does texture. If your room feels cold and sterile, you probably have a lot of smooth, hard surfaces.

If you want a very ultra modern and light feeling room, use mostly smooth, hard surfaces as light will reflect from these surfaces, adding to the feel. Just like everything in life we need balance. Adding a timber table to all of this will balance out the surfaces, and you will notice that the look will come together. Adding another smooth surface in your dining table may make the room feel flat.

Use up to 2 or 3 textures to pull your space together, and remember that opposites attract. Lots of marble or metal, will soften more if you use some timber or greenery in the form of plants Add some soft furnishings such as furs, cushions, throws and rugs or sheer curtains to give that warmer look, if
this is the feeling you want to introduce. Light doesn’t reflect on the rougher surfaces so the room will have a warmer feel.

Neutrals are very popular, they are easy to live with and coordinate with other colours well. Neutral palates still need texture. Different textured cushions all the same colour will make a huge difference to the look and feel of a linen sofa. Add in a textured rug and beautiful sheer curtains, the completed look will feel finished and welcoming. Small pops of colour and pattern can be thrown in with art or wallpaper to change it up now that you have set a beautiful canvas.

Just as too many smooth surfaces can look flat, a room full of rough surfaces can make it difficult to get that finished look you are craving. Highlight a beautiful timber coffee table by placing a marble tray on top filled with some books or interesting pieces. If you’re not into accessories, then place a piece of glass over the top and the table will stand out rather than blend in with everything else. Don’t do both marble and glass as the elements of rough and smooth will be distorted.

Texture also helps to hide the elephant in the room. An ugly sofa? Pile on a few textural pieces to take away from the sofa and add rugs and art to make sure these all work together. No longer will your eye go straight to that sofa you need to keep for a little bit longer.

At insideout we are passionate about educating our clients before choices are made. The look you want to achieve is important to us visit us in store or at www.insideoutstyle.com.au

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