EXCLUSIVE DIAMOND Now Available at Kadia Jewellers

September 5, 2017

If a diamond is a girl’s best friend, then the name of that best friend would have to be Aurora. The Aurora Diamond that is.

A diamond so spectacular it’s got the jewellery world buzzing, the Aurora is like no other and it’s being sold exclusively in the Hunter by renowned Toronto jewellers Kadia Jewellery.


As any diamond aficionado or discerning bride-to-be would know, four key characteristics come into play when choosing a diamond. Cut, colour, clarity and carat. And when it comes to the Aurora, this is one diamond that is, literally, a cut above the rest.

While most round brilliant diamonds have 58 facets, the Aurora has 73 strategically-placed facets, which have been scientifically designed to maximise the return of light to reveal the diamond’s true beauty.

It is the first time a diamond has ever been cut this way, and Kadia Jewellery co-owner Kaylene Fitzpatrick said its brilliance was truly something you had to see to believe.

“When we first saw them we were kind of blown away, and I’ve been in this industry for nearly 30 years, so for me to be blown away is pretty amazing,” she said.

“They’ve double faceted the bottom of the diamond and it’s been certified as the brightest in the world - you get goose bumps when you see something that is just so beautiful, it’s exquisite.

“We actually have a light metre in our shop so you can compare the Aurora to the other diamonds and just see the difference in its brilliance – changes in technology have just improved things so much.”

That technology, including three-dimensional beam-tracing software, has allowed the creators of the Aurora Diamond to produce a visibly more beautiful diamond with a greater “return of light”, which is measured according to its brilliance, fire, sparkle and light symmetry. The brilliance of a diamond refers to the intense white light that radiates from the precious gem, while its fire relates to the vivid flashes of colour you can see as the light bends inside the diamond.

The sparkle of the stone can be seen in the dramatic pinpoints of light that occur as a diamond moves, while the light symmetry is based on how evenly light is distributed from within. All Aurora Diamonds have a minimum total light-performance grade of Ultimate 1 as certified by the world leaders in the area, Sarine Technologies.

They are also independently certified according to their cut, colour, clarity and carat by the Belgium-based International Gemological Institute (IGI), which is the largest independent gemological laboratory worldwide.


Kaylene said it was an honour to be the only jewellers in the Hunter and among only a few across the country to be able to offer the Aurora Diamond for sale to the public.

Already stocking some of the most stunning and unique jewellery in the region including highly sought-after, oneoff pieces from master craftsmen, Kaylene said the Aurora Diamond was the perfect addition to their range.

“We’re one of only eight independent jewellery stores in Australia to have our hands on the Aurora Diamond, and we’re extremely excited about it,” she said.

“We were lucky enough due to our reputation and our buying relationships to be offered the chance to sell this, and we’re so proud we’ve been able to obtain this for our clients.”

Perfect for that bride-to-be who is looking for something truly unique, Kadia Jewellery stocks a range of engagement rings made with the Aurora Diamond, as well as necklaces and earrings. With loose stones also on offer, Kaylene said customers can take advantage of Kadia’s reputation for giving new life to old jewellery by incorporating one of the Aurora Diamonds into a treasured setting of their own.

“We have an enormous service department catering to all your jewellery needs. We go that extra mile to help with your personal and extraordinary items,” she said.

“Our remakes are acclaimed, something we are immensely proud of, so while we’re selling the Aurora Diamond in ring sets, earrings and pendants, you could always buy one of the loose stones and use it in your own setting. They are all just so divine, why not come in and see it for yourself.”


Kadia Jewellery is a multi-award winning business, with stores located in Toronto and Warners Bay.

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