Jump into Spring with a Wall of Flowers

“No way not wallpaper” I hear you say! People who would normally say no to wallpaper are re-thinking the benefits and looking at the many options available. Wallpapers of old were difficult to remove but today’s wallpapers are an entirely different proposition – they are an exciting and an easy option that can change the mood of any room. Wallpaper adds colour, design and character to a home and is an excellent way to cover up imperfections.


Non-woven wallpapers are easy to use. They are made from synthetic and natural fibres which make them easy to clean and also breathable. They will peel off the wall dry and you don’t need to soak them. Design options are also endless.



You can enhance the mood of a room immediately and quickly with the right wallpaper choice. A beautiful image of a flower will give you the feeling of spring every day – even if it is a dreary day outside. Forget the old fashioned floral patterns we can all remember in our grandmother’s living rooms. Images of one beautiful flower and many different floral designs are available to suit a variety of interiors from soft and romantic to bright and cheerful. A digital picture of a flower or a whole landscape can easily be applied to a feature wall.


Murals a re also a great way to bring the outside in. You can sit and look at a jetty going out to a lake, or imagine you are waking up on the beach or anywhere in the world you want to be. It is possible also to have a favourite holiday shot papered on a wall. The mood and choice are yours.







Large geometrics or bold patterns used in a room will be a focal point and a feature of the room - you will not need to fill the space with a lot of pieces. The pattern will be enough to create an attractive minimalistic space. Choose one colour from the design and use this in the form of a cushion or accessory to complement the wallpaper and let the wallpaper be the focus.


Metallic colours will enhance a neutral palette, so choosing wallpaper with a glamorous touch of gold, silver or bronze will add a luxurious essence to a bedroom or living room. Metallic colours will enable you to indulge in a generous dose of luxury without spending a fortune.





Do you want to add some concrete or bricks to a feature wall? Digital imagery will have you touching the walls to see if they are real. On our website we have an image bank of designs that are made to measure so you don’t see a pattern repeat – check them out at www.insideoutstyle.com.au.


Prefer Timber? That’s another option, and many designs are available that when used well can bring a feeling of natural warmth and texture to the room.


Period homes come alive when wallpaper is used correctly, as wallpaper was historically an intrinsic part of these homes. Many options are available to suit this era and will serve to enhance and build on the homes character and personality.


For something different try grass cloth - this type of wallpaper has been around for many years but is actually making a comeback. Beautiful colours and metallic threads are woven through them give many looks to choose from. This wallpaper adds another dimension of texture to otherwise bland rooms. Natural shades will add warmth and depth to a room and the metallic threads will make a bedroom look and feel luxurious and glamorous.


I hope I have enticed you to be curious about what wallpaper can offer to a room. Ask for advice and you will be surprised. Drop into our showroom today – we are always happy to provide advice and point you in the right direction

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