How to choose an awesome area rug no matter what your space!

Rugs, the floor variety, serve a variety of purposes. In winter they keep your tootsies warm, they designate a space and, particularly in a living room, they can also define the conversation area. Many new homes are now open plan, and the use of hard floor surfaces are an attractive choice – making rugs a necessity.


Rugs bring so much to the total look of any home or room and working from the floor up is an excellent way to start styling your new home or restyling an existing room. Perhaps the most important starting point is to decide what size rug will suit the space.


Rugs come in standard sizes 160 x 230, 190 x 290 or 250 x 350. Due to the growing popularity of larger living spaces, you can now also purchase the larger format 300 x 400. The standard sizes are a fixed price, but options are available for custom size, colour and designs. Where rugs are concerned anything is possible. General rules of thumb apply when choosing a size:

  • Open plan - use larger rugs to define the areas. 

  • Lounge room - you can place all furniture on the rug, or place sofa and occasional chairs around the edges (at least halfway on the rug). 

  • Dining area - important to make sure the chairs are on the rug when pulled out. Allow about 70 cm around the diameter of the table. A 2m x 3m rug for a six seat dining setting and a 2.5m x 3.5m for an eight-seat dining setting. 

  • Special Corner - I love a round rug in a corner with a few chairs and a side table creating a small area for a cuppa or reading… another room created. 

  • Small rooms - don’t think small, a larger rug will make a room look bigger. 

  • Cold rooms - some homes need some natural fibres to give them warmth. Use sisals or jute. Textured rugs will also add some interest also in neutral tones.

Texture - If you have a neutral pallet go for a textured rug in a neutral shade. This will add another dimension without colour to your look.


Coloured rugs need colour in the surrounds to anchor it to a room. Coloured and patterned rugs will add some interest to a room where the furniture doesn’t seem to be strong enough to dominate a space. Balancing all the other elements (lights, fabric, artwork) is important to make this work, so ask for advice. Colour doesn’t need to be bright, there are some beautiful over dyed rugs and soft shades to work with. Colour can be added confidently o halls and entrances without much else around. 


Being practical - Well before you fall in love with that beautiful rug, stop and think of where it is to be used. Flat weaves are very popular at the moment and are a great choice for under the dining table, but think about the design and colour if you have little ones or even messy adults. Flat weaves are also ideal for hallways and high traffic areas, thy can be custom sized without breaking the bank. 


We also love Dash and Albert indoor-outdoor rugs, they need to be seen to be believed as they are unlike any other polypropylene rug on the market. Perfect for under the dining area and outdoor entertaining.

If you choose wool for a hall runner, I like to custom make them and have the fibres cut shorter for much better wear. Pure, good quality wool is an excellent choice also for a comfy rug to lie around or sit on.


Wool is easily cleaned and will give many years of use. Ask an expert to help with the correct choice.

Rugs are a big statement to your home so to get it right, ask for advice, and take home samples and rugs to try. Use masking tape or old sheets on the floor to measure out sizes. Get it right and you will be triumphant!


There's some beautiful rugs in store now at insideout (and at great prices with our June sale). We look forward to assisting you with your rug choice – so come in and see us, or check us out online at



As a rule, professional dry cleaning will give your wool rug added life, but we always have those little mishaps along the way. Here're some cleaning tips:

  • Routine cleaning - Vacuuming your rug regularly will expand its life. Use a standard head and not the turbo brush. 

  • Liquid spills - Blot, blot, blot the spill, changing the cloth or towel to remove as much liquid as possible. Use tap water to dilute the spill but don’t over saturate. Do not rub. Place a dry towel under the area and place something heavy on the top so it will touch the rug. If the stain doesn’t come out professional cleaning is recommended. Pet soiling can ruin a rug permanently if not removed quickly and carefully.

  • Solid spills - Carefully remove with a spoon or a dull-edge knife. Blot any remaining food being careful not to increase the area before cleaning. Seek advice as to the correct method depending on what was spilt.  

  • Unknown and greasy spots - Apply isopropyl rubbing alcohol to a clean white cloth. Use a blotting motion, never use a circular motion and do not let it soak through to the back of the rug. 

  • Chewing Gum - Freeze using an ice cube. Shatter the frozen gum with a knife handle and vacuum use a citrus based product to remove the stickiness (check label to make sure no bleach on the label)

  • Crush marks - Spray with a fine mist of ater. Vacuum and massage the rug back to its original state.










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