If other ice creameries are boasting about having 31 flavours, one for every day of the month, be prepared to spend the rest of your life at Cold Rock, as it claims to offer one 3,000 flavour combinations available from outlets such as the Cold Rock Ice Creamery in Honeysuckle.


This mind-boggling number of options are a result of customers being able to customise their choice by selecting from over 40 different ice cream flavours and approximately 44 different ‘mix-ins’  that include a selection of lollies, chocolates, fruits and nuts.


This is then placed on a ‘rock’ which is chilled to -20o where the mix-ins are crushed into the ice cream. Cookies and cream, chocolate, Aussie vanilla, bubble-gum, low-fat chocolate, peanut butter, cheesecake, natural yoghurt, banana, Ferrero Rocher… there’s an ice cream for everyone and flavours to suit every taste, ranging from the dieter to the adventurous foodie.


Tim Tam, marshmallows, M&M's, Oreo's, Snickers, Maltesers, strawberries, chocolate fudge, Flake and Gummy Bears, brownie bits are just some options available – all lined up in rows of transparent glass jars. With so many ‘mix-ins’ and ice cream flavours to choose from, the combination of concoctions that you can come out with is virtually inexhaustible.


And your choices are not just limited to ice cream in a cup; you can also take your delicious combinations away in a take home pack. Apart from the insane variations of ice cream flavours, Cold Rock also offers a selection of super shakes and smoothies.


Not to mention elaborately designed Cold Rock Ice Cream Cakes which allow you to choose your favourite ice cream flavours, mix these with your choice of yummy mix-ins and decorate it in a variety of options.


Creating your own unique Cake means that you can have your cake and eat it too – just the way you like it. Any other ice cream just got boring!

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