Get Professional Advice when Choosing Fabrics

Deciding on the right fabric for upholstery and soft furnishings is always confusing as there’s a plethora of products out there and the wrong choice can be very costly. This month the team at insideout share their thoughts when it comes to choosing the right fabrics for your home.

When it comes to choosing fabrics for high traffic areas, Deborah Bartlett of insideout says that  European mills produce some of the best fabric and have done for hundreds of years.

“Technology has come a long way and combined with years of experience these mills produce some of the most beautiful and durable products on the market. PVC has also been replaced with PU polyurethane to prevent cracking and splitting as with the old PVC.

These “ultra-fabrics” come in a vast range of colours and patterns and are an excellent choice for commercial use” she said.

Deborah also says it's essential to ask for advice when choosing fabric – especially if you have never done so before. “Individual fabric houses such as Mokum (an NZ firm) have beautiful fabrics and with years of experience,really know their yarns,” she said.


Have you ever wondered why the price of materials varies so much? Deborah says that the best fabric mills use a continuous length of yarn to weave the fabric whereas some less expensive mills will weave small lengths of yarn together and this is what causes pilling. Technology has also produced some beautiful yarn that is coated to resist stains and of course, this all adds to the price.


Of course, our homes are filled with soft furnishings and each piece will have its own unique requirements when it comes to the fabric used:Sofas and occasional furniture The amount ofuse a piece of furniture will get and whether it will be exposed to the elements or sunlight will determine the best fabric to use. Fabrics have ratings on the lasting quality and also UV stability. Some fabrics are far more resistant to stains than they use to be and an alternative to using leather.


Sofas with removable covers also have many choices of beautiful coloured or patterned fabrics that will wash up and look great every time. For those wanting neutral or white, if you use a quality fabric it will wash up easier and still look beautiful after each wash.

Yarn with a small amount of linen gives a softer feel and a more organic look to the finished product, which makes it a great choice for dining chairs. Easy to clean, stain resistant and your chairs will look beautiful for many years.

For occasional chairs that aren’t used regularly, the choice is endless. Patterns, prints or colour, will pop a piece of your personality in your bedroom or living area. Deborah suggests that you always choose what you love and for many years it will sit in your home.

Custom made cushions are an excellent way to tie your décor together. If you can't find the right colour or pattern, insideout can help you create your own. Drop into the store to see the colours and patterns available that can be tailored precisely for you and then filled with beautiful feather and down to add to the luxurious feel a comfortable cushion should have.


Curtains are tricky and it's always best to have expert advice in this area. Insideout enlist the assistance of a professional to help out in store and Deborah says her advice is up to date with fabrics and design. “Some fabrics don’t require a backing where some do, sometimes a beautiful sheer fabric suitable for
outdoors is a better choice and that’s where expert advice is needed,” she said.

Outdoors Colour and aesthetics are not a problem when it comes to choosing outdoor fabrics and these days the addition of quick dry foam has resulted in cushions and chair pads that can be left out in the elements.

At insideout, they are very passionate about their fabrics and also stock some beautiful natural materials that have a low impact on the environment. If you’re shopping for fabric to reinvigorate your home, call into the store and check out their extensive library and talk to their knowledgeable team – you won't regret it!


You’ll find insideout at 192 Parry Street, Newcastle West or visit www.insideoutstyle.com.au


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