• Melissa Gearing, Medical Herbalist

Weight loss and the dirty “D” Word – DIET!

What kind of brain-washing marketing has made us believe that doing something completely unsustainable, unhealthy and often ridiculous (think grapefruit and lemon diets) for 5 to 14 days of our entire lives will allow us to lose the excess body weight which we have probably gained over the past 5, 10 or even 20 years!

Amazing marketing, that’s what kind. The kind of marketing that is thought up by a boardroom of white coats who are ‘doctors of food’ with money to boot. Colourful posters, shiny packaging and skinny women drinking their shakes are all that is needed to top off the ultimate con of man.

If you need to stop eating physical food for any kind of liquid, need to pop ‘snack’ pills when you’re hungry or if your ‘food’ contains an ingredient list that most biochemists probably could not pronounce – AVOID IT AT ALL COST!