DETOXIFY for long term health benefits

Nothing is more precious or priceless than your body and your health. We all have times when we want to indulge a little, particularly during the Silly Season and this is ok. But holiday time is also a good opportunity to reflect on your habits, good and bad, and make those small changes that can remain long term.

Detoxing is not a 7 day starvation period where powders and pills replace good nutrition and
healthcare. Mojo Health is here to provide you with the tools for long term lifestyle change
and support so you won’t slip back into old habits.

Feeling deprived is not the aim of a detox and there is no reason for you to miss out on special occasions or that piece of cake at the office party. This is not about following a 100% perfect diet. But we don’t detox once and then head back to the party and reward ourselves by gorging when it’s all over. Our body will give us back what we put in. So, what are you putting in yours?


Toxicity is unavoidable in today’s modern society. When we walk outside we are exposed to thousands of toxins via our lungs, skin, and digestive system. Did you know we have a residual burden of 2 to 3 thousand new-tonature chemicals, which are invented and released into the environment every year?

So where do we start? We do this by reducing as much of the toxic burden on our bodies through healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Choices need to be made not only about what goes into our mouths but what goes onto our bodies as skincare, hair care, perfumes, makeup, deodorants and even toothpastes are often full of toxins.


Join MOJO HEALTH Medical Herbalist Melissa Gearing for our free Detoxify for Life sessions at Mojo Health throughout January. Bookings are essential - phone 4023 5320. Learn to live well, naturally.

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